Instructions: How to download the images

You are welcome to download any image you want, as many times as you like, totally free, and without opt in.

How to download the images: Scroll down, find the image that you want to get, Click to see it on Light box window enlarged, right click, and choose “Save image as”. You are more than welcome to give me credits for the image if you use it somewhere that credits can be shown.

Copyrights: The images are copyrighted and even though you may use them for your blog or social media posts freely, you are not allowed to resell them, or to name yourself as their owner and creator. This is not a PLR service.

For print and Commercial use: The images provided are 2000px max width 72dpi. This size is more than enough for all online and video applications. If you want them for print: 9000px max width 300 dpi, Contact me – the cost for high definition images is $20 each.

There is no cost of this service, and you can download as many photographs as you want for free, but I will accept any amount of donation, as this act of appreciation from your behalf, will keep me motivated to update and enlarge the photo catalogues.


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