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Credits: The images are shot by 3 main Photographers:  me, Vassia Sarri, my husband, Nick Sarris… and most of the images were shot by my dad, Dimitris Magarakis with the nickname DIOL.

Dimitris Magarakis (DIOL) was a passionate photographer with incredible technical knowledge, he enjoyed to experiment with unique lenses, such as fish eye, macro etc, and he was an active member in many photograph societies, such as DPGR and more. On 2009 we started working together on weddings and celebrations, and I was priviladged to witness closely how much he loved what he called “ερασιτεχνική φωτογραφία” which in Greek actually means: Being in love with the art of Photography. All our clients, brides, grooms and relatives adored him, because he was not shooting for the money – he never did one thing for the money. He was shooting photographs only because he was deeply in love with the art of photography. We will all miss him. On 2012 he was diagnosed of cancer and he died within 6 months. His fellow photographers from the group DPGR bought him a Nikon DSLR D800, when they found out he was having difficulties with his health. They wanted him back healthy, because he was their photo-buddy, their motivator, their mentor, their technical advisor. But he didn’t make it. To honor his memory and all the people who loved him, most of my professional work is shot with this camera. Rest in peace my dear Dad, our dearest friend, fellow photographer and beloved motivator. As I have known you so well for my entire life, I know you are proud for my  initiative, to provide and promote your artistic work to the public. May your work becomes widely known, and your memory remains in our hearts for ever.

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