Original Art, Prints and Artistic Gifts

Turn your surroundings into constant positive inspiration!


Beautiful images, inspirational quotes & affirmations of deliberate manifestations get combined in those marvelous everyday items that you can buy here. In the Gift shop area you may purchase mugs, bags, clothes, jewelry, shoes, and a lot more everyday useful items with stamps and prints that will lift up your spirit and mood and will boost your manifesting ability towards all blessings, joy and prosperity you want to attract into your life.  You may get those items for you, or for the people you love.

All images are original, created by Vassia Sarri who is not only a bestselling author, a book coach and a Law of attraction mentor, but also, a successful recognized painting artist, participant of many art exhibitions and winner of some quite important art awards.

So, in case you are an Art collector and you want to get original paintings for your collection, please visit the “original art” section. Now, if you want some of the artwork just for decoration but you are not willing to invest a lot, you can still buy prints of the originals, signed or not.