Want to learn how to FINALLY Write, and Self Publish your book in less than Three Months??

I’ve seen a LOT of great visionaries, teachers, mentors, and coaches; people who have a great message to share to the world, never achieving to FINISH THAT BOOK of theirs because they get overwhelmed.

  • They assume it is too difficult to put all their ideas into order.
  • They afraid that they will share too little, or that they are not ready yet, haven’t  advanced enough,
  • or in the worst case scenario, that all this effort will end up in their computer and no one will be interested to read it.
  • They have heard  that being published is for a very special elite and they have believed it.
  • They think it will take tons of extra time while they are already working too many hours AND take care of their family as well.

If this is where you are now, my question to you is:

What would it mean to you to have your first book
written and published on Amazon Kindle?

What would that mean – For your business, for your life,
for your dreams?



Vassia-Sarri-SucceedYourGoals-Book WritingHi, I’m Vassia Sarri: Book Coach, Self-Publish Consultant and Visual Communications Expert. 

I’ve dedicated my working life to helping people – like you –  who yearn to share their message with the world through the form of books and eCourses. I am here to help you spread your message and proudly call yourself: a Published Author! Not sometime in the future, but NOW; before this summer ends!

You see, when I was at school, my dream was to become an inspirational author, but the teachers decided I was “disabled” because of dyslexia, and they told my parents I would never be able to write a single proper phrase. For years I had left my dream of becoming an author on the side until I felt a great need to share my message with the world. So, I learned to type; I made a huge research on what online tools I could use, and I finally wrote my first two books. The publishing houses in Greece loved my work and wanted to publish me, but they had funny demands on changing a lot of my material and keeping most of the earnings for themselves. That was not a fair deal to me. So I turned down their proposals and self-published my books.

Since then I have written seven books, in Greek, and 2 of them are translated in  English. If you think that writing a book is difficult, or overwhelming, or time-consuming, just observe my case; I was supposed to be unable “to write a single proper phrase.” Nothing is impossible for the people who know how to turn their dreams into goals and how to work consistently towards their completion.

I understand though that to put your thoughts in the paper can be very overwhelming. It is not that easy to structure your book, to organize your thoughts, your time and your energy, and everyday life can be extremely destructing if you do not have support.


That’s  why I created this Group-Coaching eCourse: I created it for you, the aspiring Author who wants to share your message and make the world a better place for all of us. I created it for you so that you follow the inspirational writing process effortlessly, without overwhelm, confusion, extra working hours or sentimental uncertainty.

Through my -proven to be working- step by step process,

You will have your book written within less than three months!

… AND if you put some extra effort, you will also be able to publish and turn it into an Amazon Bestseller.

If you have dedicated to quit finding excuses, to move forward with your professional and personal life, to enjoy the success as a published author… and… to finally embrace who you were meant to become, I have the perfect solution for you:

Join me on one of the most fulfilling journeys you will ever experience in your life:
the fruition of your own book, within less than two months!

I am opening a group coaching e-course on how to write and publish your book within just two months!
If you are willing to invest around 1 hour per day and let me support you personally day by day,

I can promise you that within only three months
you will be a self-published author!*

guaranteed*Please: Read the Terms, Conditions & Disclaimer.

100% Money Back Guarantee!


Don’t tell me you want to write your book but you do not have time.

You just don’t know how to control your energy
and how to organize your thoughts.

That’s all.


My book writing method works every time we consciously put it into action, and it works for everyone: Inspired Messengers, confused dreamers, talented writers and also ADD/ADHD & Dyslexics!

Would you like to know more about it? Would you like to work with me and get your non-fiction book written and published within the next two months? If yes, come abroad!  Don’t let time to pass. Don’t let days, months and years pass before you finally do something about writing this book of yours.

The time is NOW! And only “NOW” is what we have.


*Please, Read the Terms & Conditions

Here is what you will be getting during the two months group coaching e-course:

  1. VIP Facebook Group where I will be supporting you on a daily basis

  2. The course consists of 7 modules which are broken down into daily – easy to complete – tasks. The main course will be based on an online course platform where you will have access to watch the video tutorials, and you will download your workbooks & checklists.
  1. Of course, you will have lifetime access to this material, so when you want to write your next book, you will be able to review all the modules and follow the process once more.

  2. Unlimited email support during those two months (and of course, anything you want to ask me through email or FB messenger after our course, I will always be available for you)

  3. Numerous Bonuses


Module #1:
Getting clarity and confidence

  • Clarity on what to write, brainstorming techniques and research
  • Gaining confidence (you will love this part because it will totally bust all the resistance and your limiting beliefs around your ability as an author) 
  •  How to write your own personal story for the introduction to your book.

Module #2:
The book structure

  • Types of structure
  • Tools and Resources
  • Leveraging what you have already written or recorded
  • How to find the right accountability buddy

Module #3:
Write your book

  • How to use the right language for your readers
  • Tricks to make the reader not want to put the book down
  • How to transform your reader’s thinking and perspective, without sounding preachy.

Module #4:
The Importance of Storytelling

  •  How to structure stories
  • Case studies and Examples from famous bestselling books
  • How to add stories in between the chapters so that your message is remembered forever.  

Module #5:
How to make your book an Interactive life changing experience

  • Exercises, workbooks, Checklists, Organizers & Journaling
  • Social Media VIP groups for your readers (how to attract them and keep them engaged)
  • Even more ideas for interaction + Free Resources


Module #6:
How to Sell your services through your book (Back-end Strategies)

  • Things you can sell to your readers apart from your coaching-healing-mentoring services
  • How to add them to your emailing list – and how to keep them constantly interested in you
  • How to call your readers for an enrollment conversation, without sounding salesy

Module #7:
Finishing the book

  • Proofreading tools
  • How to edit your book – low cost or no cost solutions
  • How to craft the perfect book title
  • Summary and back cover tricks


Bonus #1:

Video Tutorial + Detailed PDF instructions:
How to format your book for Kindle and how to upload it on Amazon + How to create your Amazon sales page and how to set up your author’s page

Bonus #2:

  Killer techniques and strategies
on how to promote your book through social media.

Bonus #3:

Hundreds of Resources:
How and where to promote your book so that you make it an Amazon Bestseller

Bonus #4:

 Lifetime access to all the recordings from my upcoming telesummit
on “How to turn your book into an Amazon Bestseller” which will take place on October.

Bonus #5:

Unlimited downloads and access for two months
on more than 1000 stock photos from the suceedyourgoals.com stock-photo-store
(opening on 25th  of Jun)


Bonus #6:

Unlimited downloads and access for two months
on Graphic-Templates for covers and book interior from the suceedyourgoals.com template-store
(opening on 5th  of July)


Hot Bonus:

Vassia Sarri - Succeed Your Goals - IllustrationsOne 1:1 coaching session with me (around 1 hour and a half) for clarity and focus on your book writing or the promoting process. You may arrange this coaching session anytime before, during or after the course.

Κράτα το

So, once again, if you REALLY want to have your non-fiction book written and published before the end of July 2017 don’t miss this opportunity. Grab the “early-bird” offer before it’s gone.

I want to be honest with you. This course is not for everyone. I am looking to work only with people who WANT and are WILLING to have their book written within those two months. I am looking for students who are open to learning new things, new approaches and ideas and who are coachable. I am allowing in my group only positive people who want to be a part of a heart-centered, high-vibrant team, who are supportive and who are honest and kind; both to others and to themselves. If you resonate to this description, then go ahead and get your seat among us. The course will be small and cozy, so there won’t be more than 10 – 15 people allowed to enroll. Once this number of students is reached the course will close and you won’t be able to attend anymore.

So, go ahead, Join us! Now!




*Please, read the Terms & Conditions