To achieve any kind of goal, and to manifest all shorts of dreams, you need 3 ingredients to be in place properly: 

Let’s break this information bit by bit, to see how it can be implemented in your own life, and to investigate how you can use our “focused on extraordinary outcomes” services on your behalf:


No matter how much you try, how hard you work, how educated, rich or resourceful you are, if you are not in the Divine flow, and if you do not have the universal laws working on your behalf positively, chances are you will not be able to reach your goals properly. It is like your income, you might raise it, but you will attract more costs and your net-income will remain the same. I know, this happens all the time, but it is just an example. Together, we will investigate what keeps you stuck to specific issues, situations and patterns, we will uncover the reasons and we will move forward towards progress, prosperity and success.

Let the Universe be on your side,  towards the fulfillment of your most exciting dreams.


We believe that energy healing and grounding is essential for our “Being in the Flow” quest.

Our own life experiences since childhood (and probably, also…our past lives ), our ancestors’ memories through our genes and DNA, as well as our society’s beliefs and thought patterns,  can block, or trigger negatively our personal and professional progress.

For this reason we provide you with many different Energetic healing choices, in cooperation with our healer partners. Investigate and master EFT, Theta healing, Effective affirmations, “The Work”, “The Healing Codes” and more:


Inspiration is one of the greatest blessings we can have towards our goals, our dreams and the fulfillment of our life purpose. Inspiration is the act of communicating directly with Divine: being “in Spirit”.  In most cases, Inspiration, calls you to express her wisdom through different mediums, such as Story Telling, Book Writing, The Arts, Teaching and more.

We so much want you to spread your inspired word to the world, because this will make our society a better place, for us, and for the generations to come.

According to our Gifts, Knowledge and Experience, we can support you to express your wisdom through the following Channels:


Inspiration and Intuition are Invaluable guides, but it is impossible to reach your goals and “be in the flow” if you are not grounded, meaning: being practical as well. We help you strategize your practicality efficiently with: 

1) an efficient way to bring money to your life, meaning: Clever Entrepreneurship – Home Based Business – Startup Strategies,

2) Branding and Promotion your business with our Visual Communication Services.




Some people are working much better within a big organization. Most of our clients, readers and followers though, because of their free spirit, their nature of work (mainly service professionals, coaches, mentors and healers) and their dedication to their families’ needs, they’d rather practice their expertise  from home, or better, a flexible environment and time frame of their choice.

Working from home and through the internet, is proven as the most quick, profitable and fulfilling type of entrepreneurship, with the least possible risk.

Vassia Sarri, the main eCourse Creator and Founder of this blog, have been working from home, successfully for more than 12 years while raising her two boys, so she knows what you are going through and what you need if you are also a Parent-Preneur. In addition, we affiliate-Cooperate with some of the Most successful Business Coaches, whose clients have achieved 6 and 7 figure income within a year of coaching support!  Check our articles & Interviews, Get and study some of our successful eCourses, or even better: Choose a Coaching Program for fast and guaranteed success:  



Our Visual Communication Services, our artistic skills, as well as our technical efficiency, are provided to you, so that you manifest your goals with grounded, down to earth practical tools.

Trust our more than 20 years of experience, and feel confident that we come form the same background, we know your niche, and we honestly represent the same heart centered ethics.

We are like you, we know you, and we understand your needs. So we can provide you efficiently, all the above practices, complimentary supported by the following services: