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If you like our products and programs, you may work with us as an affiliate partner. By just suggesting our products to your friends or clients you can get a 25% commission.

Fill in the form below and we will send you an email to give you detailed instructions on how Affiliate partnership works.

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We are open in cooperating with you, promoting your own products as affiliate partner, as long as you do support affiliate cooperation, and only if your products are compatible to our values, ideals and quality requirements. Please, fill in the form on the right side, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Make sure on the “message” field you briefly describe your product, why you want to work with us, your product sales page link and your affiliate opt-in page. In addition, you will need to provide it to us cost free, for review before any cooperation agreement.






If you are a Self Development professional, a Home Based Entrepreneur, a Service Professional, a Coach, a Mentor, a Healer, a therapist, a freelancer, an author, or, all the above and even more, you may grow your list, get massive exposure, reach hundreds of prospect clients, and, backlink your website for better SEO.


By letting us know about your opt in page and your free digital download ethical bribe. We will review it, and as long as it is compatible to our ethics, ideals and quality standards, we will promote it for you through out all our platforms for free.

Your only obligation is that you allow us to use images of your product (that you will choose and provide us with)  for promotion reasons. You are also responsible to inform us for how long will this gift – optin page will be available, in case it is not permanent but just a periodical campaign.  Click the button below, to submit your opt in page now!




Our blog, website and community is better, wiser and more fun when it is not a lonely “one-man-show” place, but a real vibrant Fellowship. We know you have a lot of wisdom to share and we welcome you to express it here, by contributing to our blog your own articles. Obviously, for the support you provide to us, we will gladly let you promote your own website and services as well, at the end of the article. In addition, we do not require nothing but to own the copyrights of the article, as well as, to share valuable information to our readers and followers, compatible with our ethics and ideals.


Please, read carefully the rules, the terms and conditions, and the instructions before you start filling in the submission form.


Contract – Agreement

As you submit the article you allow to publish your article for as long as we choose. You are not entitled to claim money for letting us upload this particular article. We are not allowed to use your article for any other reason than uploading on the blog for the visitors to read it. We will never print it, add it on a book, use part of it for any personal or promotional reason, unless as a quote with your name underneath. We will always give credits for your work, promote your website and your name on the top and bottom of the article. You have no right to ask us to put the article down, unless you email us and explain the reason, and only if we decide that you have a reasonable explanation for such request. If you break copyright laws you are responsible and not us – we try to make sure all articles are originally created by the author, but if author breaks the law, the author is responsible towards law and court. You keep the copyrights of your submitted article, and you can upload it as many times as you want to other websites, yours or as guest blogging. We will NOT put down any article just because you want to contribute it to another site that accepts only unique and original articles. As mentioned, the moment you upload your article you accept that we have the right to keep it uploaded for as long as we choose.

The moment you submit the article we assume you have read the contract and you agree with everything.

Here is what our visitors and followers love to read about:

Book writing, publishing and promoting, eCourse creation, Online Marketing, Social media, Promotion, Branding, graphics,  online technology, tutorials, trends, Home based entrepreneurship: tactics, mindset and other practical things around this subject, Personal Evolution: Success, Prosperity, Law of Attraction, Spirituality (natural without extreme religious ideas), energy healing, Positive Lifestyle, etc.

How to fill in the form:

  1. On the fields add only plain text. Do not HTML format it. We have our own formatting which fits our blog template.
  2. Write (paste) the entire post. It is essential that the post is interesting, more than 1000 words and complete. We do not allow half written articles with a link at the bottom saying “click here to read more” – redirecting the readers to your own blog.
  3. Do not forget to give us your name and your website address. We add this information on the top and at the bottom of the article. We give credits to where they belong.
  4. Upload a photo of yours. That is very important. We want our blog to have a personal style, so our visitors feel like home. Strange Avatars, dog pictures, cartoons or corporate logos are not accepted. We want a photo that shows your face properly and brightly. The size should be no less than 800×800 pixels.
  5. Do not upload suggested images for the header of the article. We are very careful with our branding, so, all featured images are created by our in-house designer.
  6. Use the formatting tool of the submission form to add any images with your article. Make sure the size is around 400×400 pixels, of great quality and you are allowed to use them. Bad quality images will be deleted – without notice – and the article will be uploaded without them. 
  7. Respect Copyright Laws

Why we would reject an article:

  • You may submit as many articles as you want, but the same article cannot be published more than once.
  • Very artistic – literature style writing that has no educational purpose (such as short stories, poems, etc.) – unless we review a novel or poem book and we add a fraction of its content as a showcase.
  • Inappropriate material such as porn, racist, or secretly proselytizing to hardcore dogmatic religions or ideas as well as extreme political beliefs
  • spamming posts that promote several types of goodies – this is an article area – if you want to promote your services contact us for advertising.
  • broken links
  • you may add only 2 links on your article, no more.
  • We do not allow affiliate links on the articles.
  • Copyright protected material that does not belong to YOU.
  • Plagiarism 40% or more.
  • We do not accept PLR articles. We want original articles written by YOU.
  • Anything that it is irrelevant to our visitors’ interest (cars, football, and things like that)
  • MLM cooperation invitations that are not straight forward, even though we do support MLM professionals who share some of their wisdom, tips and tacticks on the MLM business field.


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