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Hi, I am Vassia Sarri,
Book Coach & Mentor, Visual Communications Expert, Author and Certified Law of Attraction Coach.
I will be very happy and honored to serve you so that you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams.

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You need an outline and a script, video and/or audio recording, editing, web presence with eCommerce and online learning management systems “LMS”. You also need professional graphics for your online presence, your covers, your workbooks and your promotion. Last but not least you have to know how to promote your e courses and how to JV partnership with bloggers and affiliate professionals in order to put your sales into autopilot.

Contact us to create together a combination of what you personally need.


Why would you want to Create your own eCourses?

This applies to all Self development professionals, such as Coaches, Mentors, Therapists, Healers, or just for Inspired Messengers who expect to earn a living from their wisdom:

Position yourself as an


Raise yourself

Above the Majority


Passive Income

offer affordable portals

For High End Programs

profit with Back-end Sales

through speaking gigs

Be Part of the Elite

and work with Affiliate and JV partners

Creating your own eCourses is the Best possible strategy to earn a good passive income!



Outline and Script

What your eCourse will be about? How will it be structured? What your Chapters will be about and in what order will you deliver your wisdom to your students?


let’s shoot and direct you: we can do that at your place with studio lighting and professional Full HD cameras, or, through the internet with your own computer’s camera. As actors need a film director to show them how to act, speakers need guidance from an experienced director too.


When we have audio and video, editing is essential. We will edit your audios and videos by choosing the best part of your work, we will add music, extra images and Video Footage, logos and subtitles wherever needed and charts as explanatory animation.

Web Site Creation

When it comes to eCourses we work exclusively with WordPress as it supports the best LMS and Affiliate plugins, it gets updated easily and it is the best platform for Search Engine Optimization. We base our work on Templates but we change everything with CSS and builders in order to be compatible with your style, needs and branding.

LMS - Learning Management Systems

We create your entire eCourses machine within your website with LMS plugins. We set it ready and we teach you how to update it if you want to do it yourself after we have worked together. We also help you – if you prefer – to upload your eCourses on Udemy and other popular Course-Sites.


In order to put your e Courses sell in autopilot, you need to add an automated eShop on your website. We work exclusively with Woo-commerce as this is the most popular, the most reliable and the most safe there is in the digital market. We set up your products to be paid through paypal and if you need, we also add discount coupons for better promotion.


To be considered as a Professional by your prospect clients you Have to have a professional appearence. This is what me and my team will accomplish for you: we will take care of all your Graphics, such as: Covers, workbooks, social media banners, etc.


For a successful eCourse you will need professional portraits of yourself, as well as concept-photography, personalized just for your work. We can do this for you, or help you do it yourself.

Affiliate Promotion

The best way to lay back and let your courses work for you, is, to cooperate with affiliate partners. How do you do that? Through online affiliate websites and WordPress plugins.