Creating your own Board Games is the Best way to:

Speak directly to people’s Subconscious, Teach kids the beauty of self Evolution and,  bring together (in love and joy) families and friends!

Why would you want to Create your own Board Game?

This applies to all Self development professionals, such as Coaches, Mentors, Therapists, Healers, Teachers, or just for Inspired Messengers who expect to earn a living from their wisdom:

Gather families and friends

around the Self Development & Wisdom quest

Help kids and grown-ups to evolve

by speaking directly into their subconscious

Bring together families and friends with

Connection, support and Love 

Bring Joy and Meaning

to people’s lives

Position yourself as an



Passive Income


On how we help our clients create a “Self Development” Board Game

  1. Brainstorming:  what your board-game is about, what you want to teach through that, how the players should feel while playing, what values they need to bring up, what will be the atmosphere.
  2. Scripting the story
  3. Elements:  cards, money or exchange medium, pawns, extra carbon material like elements and tools, and the list goes on.
  4. Illustrations: we cover all the elements that need illustration with original art compatible to your style, branding and needs.
  5. Graphics: covers, workbooks, manuals and instructions.
  6. Print and production: we help you organize the printing of your board game, whether you choose to print hundreds of items through traditional printing, or just a few through “print on demand” services. 
  7. Promotion: Sales strategy and supportive advertising material, such as Business cards, brochures, Digital banners for web and social media, video promo, etc.

The cost of the entire service (without print cost) depends on each project. We always provide you with the overall cost information, before you make a choice to work with us, but a meeting on brainstorming has to be made before we offer you a professional brief and a cost.