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VassiaSarri how to write through inspiration

I hear people who want to be authors talking all the time about Inspiration, they say they really want to write something, but they do not have enough inspiration yet… they are not enough inspired, they wait for this so called Divine Connection or Download to come to them suddenly, to enlighten them, and then, they will sit down, write a brilliant 200 pages book within a couple of days and they will become famous for their written wisdom…

Well, things don’t work this way.

I consider myself quite inspired, I paint, I write film scripts, I write books, I produce numerous blog posts for several different niches, I take photographs and I also help other people get inspired and write their own books. So, from my own experience, I can tell you one thing. In-spiration is a quality that gets developed, it is like a muscle that becomes stronger the more you use and exercise it.

If you are keen to spirituality, think of inspiration like this: In-Spiration means in spirit. You get to hear THE DIVINE SPIRIT whispering in your ears, heart and mind information that you can translate into written information, whether it is literature, fantasy, or instructions for a better life. But do you hear well enough? Are you open in receiving the information? Have you crack the code of the secret words? Are your ears open enough to listen to the whispers? If not, if not yet, then, exercise. Take notice of all the downloads that come to you and DO SOMETHING ABOUT them. 

So, let me show you step by step my own “Work with Divine” method:

This method needs quite a lot of momentum and consistency. And most importantly, it needs you to get excited, get engaged, and leave behind any kind of boredom, leisure habits or fatigue. The reason is that when you get guidance from Divine (the All that is, Your subconscious, the Universal Consciousness, etc. ) to write something and you let it “for another time – when you will be available” the info will just go away leaving no trace behind.  When you try to remember what was this brilliant thing you had in your mind, it will feel like the dream last night that it felt something but you really can’t recall what it was all about…

  1. First and foremost, have a recorder on you all the time and whenever inspiration comes from your heart you start talking, recording your insights.
  2. Best way to have insights of this kind is to ask questions. Ask questions in such way that you even try to make wrong your own self. Have faith that the ideas will come. My best ideas come while I am ironing, or cooking, or when I walk to get kids from school… once I had some extremely exciting ideas in the grocery store! Ironing also is a great activity for me, because most times it works like meditation.
  3. Every now and then transcribe your recordings and print them – a wonderful transcription tool is guess which??? You already have it: Youtube.com . Upload your audio on your channel and make it unavailable for others to see, and let it be there for a while (10 minutes or so) then, go to the “add subtitles” button and you will see that It can add subtitles automatically. It is incredibly precise; it transcribes even my own Greek-Accent-ed English with all the surrounding noise of the grocery store!
  4. In a couple of months, you should have quite a lot of material with insights of great value. When you feel you have enough material, collect all the printed pages, and cut with a scissor all the paragraphs. Then, read them all, and try to put them into different groups. Each group should be a different chapter. You may add numbers on top right hand corner of the cut papers and paragraphs, when you are done with organizing them into the right order.
  5. Go to your typed material and change the paragraphs accordingly, by adding titles etc. Finally, edit your draft, and add more info, insights and wisdom between the paragraphs if you feel something is missing. Give it to friends whom you trust and tell them to mark on the printed second draft, questions that pop up while they read it. Then, rewrite your book and edit it once again, replying as well to the questions that were addressed. 

Here is what you can do if you do not have enough inspiration, and you don’t know what to ask Divine about your subject:

  1. Ask your clients what they would love to know about – from a book you will be writing.
  2. Go to FB and LinkedIn groups and find out what your prospect clients are most concerned about – what their issues are – what are their biggest questions.
  3. Meditate… or Iron your family’s messy clothes.
  4. Eat very healthy meals, and try as much raw food as you can.
  5. Quit Red bull; it switches the mind to depressing mode.
  6. Trust Divine that it is helping you.
  7. Reject any kind of issues on “being seen” by tapping (It is called EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, Google it to see what it is if you don’t have a clue about it).
  8. Promise to yourself that you will not expect perfection.
  9. Have walks in nature often.
  10. Try to sit and write when everyone in the house is sleeping: very early in the morning before the sun comes up is my personal best choice. There is an amazing energetic field that happens while the sun comes up, which multiplies our efforts X10.

Now, this has been my own method in getting inspired, and I can guarantee that if you follow it as it is given to you; you will have 100% brilliantly inspired results. Get into the habit of expressing your random insights, get in the habit of organizing your recordings and writings regularly, get in the habit of waking up early, eating healthy, and staying motivated with positive influential environment, AND most importantly, keep going; keep on writing. You will be amazed in a couple of weeks applying this method how much wealth of inspiration you will attract. It will be so great that you might get overwhelmed, and you will be confused what can you do with ALL THIS information. But that is good news, isn’t it? Stay tuned and in my next article I will tell you how to control inspiration in such a way that it never gets wasted and it never – ever makes you overwhelmed. So, if you have read this article and you are putting my advices into action, then defiantly you want to read the next article that is coming as well. Please, add some comments if you found this article helpful, show me that I am providing you valuable information and let me know what you would like to read more from me, ask me questions. Let’s have a conversation!