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Self-Development-Leaders: Therapists, Healers, Coaches  & Mentors

  • Are you stressed about not getting enough Leads?
  • Do you feel disappointed for working too hard but earning too little? Do your clients expect from you low prices? Do you “Give In” and Charge less than what your work is worth?
  • Are you tired antagonizing other professionals who on the surface look the same with you – when in reality you know you have something unique to provide to your clients?
  • Are you overwhelmed with the too many marketing tools that you feel obliged to use – and still not getting the results you expected?
  • Do you think that maybe you have lost your way, that you are out of truck, as you spend a lot more time on building your marketing than expressing your real gifts and talents?

If I could show you one strategy that will help you raise your income, position you as an authority and inspire your best prospects to seek out for you… Would you be interested learning this strategy?

Here it is:

Write + Publish + Promote your own Self-Help eBook!


Just that. How much simpler can it be?

No? Don’t you think it is simple? You don’t know my “Fast writing system” and you are probably full of limiting beliefs when it comes to writing your own eBook. This is why I can loudly hear you complaining:

  • Vassia, I am already too overwhelmed. I don’t need one more problem in my head.
  • I want a fast solution, not something that will cost me two more years of extra work.
  • I have been thinking of writing a book, but whenever I sit to work on that, I get confused: how should I start, what should I write about, how should I structure my thoughts?
  • …or… Probably… if I actually can’t write? I am not a writer after all…
  • And then all the doubts come: after all this work, will any publishing house accept my book? Do I have to work hard on promoting it? Will I need too much money for graphics: Covers, interior, website, banner ads etc.? Is it really worth all the try; energy, time and money?

I didn’t ask you to write a PHD thesis or a worthy for Nobel Prize book. What I am referring to, is for you to write just one good 60 pages eBook that will be solving just one problem (that your best clients usually face), or it will be introducing to your prospect clients your expertise. And I don’t either ask you to do it alone. I will take you by the hand, I will offer you 4 1:1 Coaching sessions that will lead you to a complete eBook, I will take care for all your graphics and I will teach you the best strategies to promote your eBook effortlessly! In short, I will help you to:


Write + Self-Publish + Start promoting your own eBook
within less than a Month!!!


Here is what you will accomplish within such little time:

  • Total clarity on what you should to write about so that your book will attract your ideal clients
  • Follow my “Fast Writing Book” system and have your book complete within three 1:1 Coaching sessions with me. You can do some extra homework, but if you don’t have time, the entire work will be done during our meetings.
  • Structure the entire eBook and interior – as well as the cover – in such a way that it will enlarge your emailing list and bring you good paying clients.
  • Get leads from all around the world – not only local clients: prospects who will be eagerly reaching out for you.
  • You will raise your prices and your clients will be happy to pay you for the money you really worth.
  • Not only won’t you need to antagonize with other professionals, but on the contrary, you will learn how to JV or Affiliate partnership with them.
  • You will position yourself as an Authority, even if you are just starting your practice and you don’t have any list at all.
  • The media press, online and live event organizers will be happy to work with you to promote your services – even for free!
  • And… tadaaaa…, you will gain extra free time because: Your marketing tasks will be cut into half (clarity and focused strategy).


vassia has worked for horizonal4

Within Less than a month, we will create together an e-book up to 60 pages (of typical A5 size book) – and this book of yours will be just ready to be uploaded on Amazon Kindle – and your own Sales Page Web site. Not only this, but you will get personalized instructions on how to promote your eBook and also how to promote your E-courses or Private practice through your eBook itself!

Now let’s see the program in detail:

4x 1:1 Coaching Sessions of approximately 3 hours long each!

  1. In our first meeting you will get totally clear on what your book will be about, which niche it will serve, What will be written inside (we will get crystal clear in all chapter subjects and information within them). In short, we will create together your perfect book outline for your ideal coaching, healing or therapy client.
  2. During our second meeting we will record a discussion based on your book’s outline. This discussion will take place through the Internet and it will be for about another 3 hours. When the recording is complete, I will deliver it to my team and it will be transcribed as well as edited so that it will be read more like a book than an informal conversation. – This edit should not be considered as final. You are responsible for the actual final edit of the book, and in case you don’t want to do it yourself, we can do it for you for an additional fee of $300.
  3. We will meet together once again in order to review the final – edited by you – book, we will together figure out how all the graphics should look, what their essence should be.
  4. we will discuss about all the marketing ways that fit your personality as well as your niche’s style. You will also get guidance on how you will use your book in order to sell your other courses or 1:1 Sessions. After this session you will get written notes and instructions as well as video tutorials (how to create your own wordpress blog + how to set up your own JVZoo account + How to create PayPal buttons) that will have come out of our conversation – but in more details – notes created especially for you.


Bonus 1: Cover & Interior Graphic Design of your eBook:

After our 3rd meeting me and my team will Design your interior of your book, as well as your cover! This is a Gift only for the first 3 people who will enroll in this course, worth of $ 650!


Bonus 2: 50 Different pieces of Promotional Visual Material created by a professional Graphic Designer, personalized only for you and your eBook:

This amazing bonus is a gift only for the first 3 people who will enroll in this course. Me and my team will focus on your own personal style, niche and branding and we will create unique promotional visual material, created only for you and your book! This material can be used not only by you, but also by your affiliate partners – if you decide to work with affiliates.

The real cost of “The Promotional Visual Material” is $850… but you will get it FREE!!!

The ‘Promotional Visual Material” Includes:

  • 3 Infographics inspired by the book
  • 2 x 9 different size internet banners,
  • 2 Animated banners of different sizes
  • 4 Pinterest banners
  • 4 Facebook ad banners
  • 4 Facebook post images
  • 4 images for Blog post headings
  • 2 different Facebook Wallpaper for Formal Book FB-Page
  • 1 Twitter Wallpaper
  • 1 YouTube wallpaper
  • 10 FB type, square Quote banners inspired by your own book


Bonus 3: Catch-up 1:1 60’ Coaching Session – 1 month after the third Meeting of ours, Worth of $170.

In order to make sure that you are promoting properly, your book and business, we will meet once again 1:1 to discuss what you have already achieved, what your struggles are, what solutions are there available for the problems you might have faced.

What I really offer here is the total overwhelm busting program for you to really manage to write + publish + promote your own eBook within less than a month! I personally guarantee you that within those 5 1:1 coaching session this goal will be accomplished.

The entire program with the bonuses included should cost $ 2670… But this is not what you will finally invest. No, it is not even half of it!

The cost for the first three people who will apply within this month is

ONLY  $750 !

What’s the catch? I need three incredible good testimonials. I want to help you accomplish such goal right now and in return, you will say a couple of good words for our work together. So, it is an extremely limited time – and availability – offer that you really want to take advantage of.

 Yes, I want to sign up for the full program with the bonuses – Knowing it is available only this month, and for only three people…

For only $ 750