Self Development professionals: Coaches, Healers, Therapists & Mentors
& All people who have a unique message to share to the world through their books:

 Your work is brilliant and extremely beneficial to our world and society… but…

In order to be trusted by your readers or clients, you need to show credentials that prove your word’s worth. You need to have an “about” page on your blog, as well as a section within your book that explains all about you and why you are the go to person on your field.

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desert1Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to speak about themselves without:

  • Sounding Boooooring (by adding irrelevant information on random preoccupation and out of the subject studies)
  • Seeming too corporate and distant from their readers (by using posh language as well as business jargon and speaking to the third person – I know, you think this will impress prospect clients… but nope. It doesn’t.)
  • And, worst of all, letting their readers unengaged… (By not expressing strong feelings, and not making your story enough personal and honest)

So, tell me, do you resonate with the following?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable to “Brag” about yourself, especially when you need to explain a personal success on spiritual level?
  • Do you have impressive credentials… buy irrelevant to your present self-development profile?
  • Is your business newly created and because of that, you don’t know how to establish authority?


If you answered “YES” at least once, don’t worry anymore, because I have the perfect solution for you: My 3-days eCourse:

Not convinced yet?

Ok, see what other people have said about the program:


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lamp2In this educational online program I will show you step by step how to:


  • Write your own personal story, how to structure it, what to write about, what not to write at all, and where to focus on.
  • How to layout your text, what pictures and images should you add between your paragraphs, what kind of printed credentials are important.
  • And finally how to add the most important “ingredient”: the call to action to your readers, in order to lead them into your emailing list, your social media following and your actual sales pages of your paid programs!

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Now, let me give you some more information on what you are getting with this 3 days e-course:


  • 4 Printable reports & Workbooks, one as introduction, and 3 for each day of the course
  • A step by step template to fill-in on the blanks your own personal story
  • Detailed information on how to use your experiences in such a way that they will sound a lot more inspiring than ten PHD certificates or tenths of occupation-experience years
  • Easy to understand, step by step guide on how to set up the graphics, what pictures you should choose, how to organize the interface – whether it is printed or online – in order to look engaging and persuasive.
  • The opportunity to communicate directly with me for support, through the FB type forms that is available in all the course pages.


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Wouldn’t it be great to gain… within just 3 days:

  • flowersYour own personal story ready to be presented on your blog or/and your book

  • Crystal clarity on whom you serve, why and what you can offer them to make their lives better

  • The confidence that you are 100% accomplished and worthy of respect on your field and among your chosen niche

  • A brilliantly presented page, even if you have no clue on graphic – page interior – design

  • A professionally written document that will grub your reader’s attention and they will joyfully read it till the end

  • The oportunity to promote to your readers your programs, your books and your freeGiveAways with the most smooth possible way (without sounding salesy and aggressive)

So, if you are willing to take action and follow through, here it is:

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