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Get your book Written + Published + Turned into an Amazon Bestseller in just 2 Months:

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A combination of step-by-step-guide + 45 minutes Coaching + online resources + 2h video that will make your “Writing-Publishing-Promoting” process effortless. As an intuitive coach, Vassia Sarri will help you “download” with ease, the wisdom that the Divine has been whispering in your heart for years.

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Free 45 minutes 1:1 coaching with Vassia Sarri on Book Writing, Expressing your wisdom and Succeeding on your goals

Here are some of the Subjects discussed on the books:

  • Why Writing your book is your #1 Marketing priority,
  • How to get clear on your subject,
  • your Niche and your style,
  • How to write your personal story,
  •  How to overcome resistance,
  • How to manage your time,
  • your tasks and your energy so that You find plenty of time to write your book,
  • How to organize your thoughts and Ideas,
  • How to complete your book in less than one month,
  • How to write your book by “speaking it out,”
  • How to write your autobiography in just three days,
  • How to edit your manuscript: instructions and tools,
  • How to bring a steady income with your book and how authors make money,
  • How authors build a list of loyal fans, Ideas, and instructions for free promotions,
  • How to format your book for Kindle publishing,
  • how to make stunning graphics for your interior and your covers,
  • how to publish your book, where you can upload your book for promotion,
  • Hiden – secret – opportunities on Amazon services,
  • How to turn your book into an Amazon Bestseller,
  • Where you can promote your book: Groups & Websites,
  • How to keep money coming to your pocket for the years to come: Passive income from your books and programs.

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Vassia Sarri Free Gift: Effortless Book Writing, Publishing and Promoting. Turn your wisdom into an Amazon Bestseller