Selfishness is: understanding yourself as anything less than a being of light and a loving kid of the “All that is”.

When we are attached to our “personality”  we cannot experience the connection with the source to the full extend, and thus we are unable to manifest what we need properly and with clarity. To be able to experience the ultimate love of the Devine we need to completely free ourselves from the false belief that we exist because we are something fictional, beyond the fact that we just ARE.

In this case, money, even though it is neither good nor bad, seems to be Devilish (a tool of calumny). In this case it is used to degrade the human spirit. But the same Devilish idea is the one that suggests that someone is worthy because he is intelligent. Or the man who has faced a lot of grief and says “I am unhappy, I’m unlucky, I AM” … any belief that we are anything less than God’s children is restrictive and therefore “a lie”!

The great irony is that in our culture “Selfish” is someone who “believes that he/she is superior and better than others”. In reality, a Selfish person understands himself and mankind far less than he actually thinks. Let’s make it clear: it doesn’t matter if you think you are better or worse than others. This very attitude of comparing yourself with others, separates you from the truth and makes you feel estranged from what really is and exists.

Now, you might say that if this is so, who is not guilty of Ego? And obviously I will answer: “Nobody!”  Our conscious and unconscious have been developed in a world of wrong perception  – in a world of sin. This is why even though it is not our fault, we are all guilty of Ego, as this seems to be the only way we understand ourselves. Christ said “Judge nobody so you won’t be judged”. Of course, what he meant was that if in your mind you make comparisons like who is better and who is worse, who is correct and who is wrong, you will compare yourself too. You will be judged by your own self.  And with this attitude, you will fall into the trap of “Ego and Misery”.


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