Powers of Influence:

A seductive fantasy trilogy by C.G.Haight

When I got those books in my hands for one thing I was really grateful: That I found them when the entire trilogy was completed… I hated when I was waiting for ages to read Steven King’s “The Dark Tower” series… not knowing when and if there would be a next book coming. So, back to the “Powers of Influence (3 Book Series) trilogy”: I really enjoyed every single moment reading it. If you like Fantasy genre , you should not miss this out. The characters are very well developed with their ups and downs, their unique style-traits and their reasons for being who they have become. The plot is professionally built and twisted, and even though the hall plot is unfolding through three  different books, everything is consistent, systematic and precise. This is a trilogy that HAS to become a Hollywood movie!

So, Christmas is coming (at least now that I am writing this review) and I would make a recommendation to you: do yourself a favor and buy all three books (after all the price is so low) and Dive into C.B.Haight’s Worlds… It will be an unforgettable Journey!

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Run, hide! It’s what Collett longed to do, what she’d been doing for over two years. She knew though there was nowhere left to go, they would find her again. There was no place she could ever be safe, and she needed answers. Why me, what have I done? As she peered through the darkened woods into eerie golden eyes, she tried to force herself to remember. There was a recognition there, but whoever she was before remained trapped deep in the recesses of her broken mind. As Collett watched her pursuer creep forward through fog and trees, she wondered, how can I defeat an enemy I can’t remember?

The warning bells in Cade’s mind told him to be cautious. As a lycan, he’d lived for over two centuries, and his senses, his experience told him this woman was trouble. There was something different about her; something extraordinary, and someone wanted her dead. He could save her, protect her, but he wondered who would protect him from those iridescent-blue eyes? As she cowered in fear, her scent carried over to him in the night wind, and Cade somehow knew after this, nothing would ever be the same.

In this suspension-packed series, full of surprising twists, and heart-pounding excitement, Collett and Cade learn that forgotten secrets are the most dangerous.

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