God is not for favors – Divine is Love and Energy, and we are responsible by remaining connected to all that is, to materialize our own wishes.


A mother wants her children to be competent and independent. She wants, because of her great love for her child, to see him walking on his own, as all healthy people do, dressing himself, eating well, speaking, creating things with his hands and generally being able to take care of himself . And she defiantly want him to be optimistic and live a joyous, happy life. All mothers in the world want their children to be happy and they would sacrifice themselves for their children’s well being. A mother’s role is to LOVE her children.

LOVE is her greatest duty towards her children. With Love she pours some kind of power inside the people she raises and thus they become confident, happy and optimistic. They become strong and capable to lead their own life. All the rest will come naturally, and will be accomplished by the child itself.

This is how Divine works with us – humans and nature. Divine is LOVE. God is the power from which we energize our spirits to stay alive. Divine gives us the power to exist and it expects from us to be able to implement everything we want. God wants us to be independent. It is in our nature to create and materialize our own life.

Divine wants us to do this BY OURSELVES, just like the mother wants her child to lead an independent, healthy and happy life. “So”, you might ask, “if it is in our own power to create and materialize our life, what’s God all about? If God is not here to fulfill our wishes, if it is not Divine responsible for what happens to us, but only us, then, will we become egoistic creatures, separated from our Lord?”

NO! This is the misconception! We all live having a misconceived way of thinking, so, if we forget our spiritual connection to Divine, we will create a disastrous life as we – the average person – cannot see and understand everything clearly and correctly. Divine is Love, and it is THE ENERGY. So, when we turn our thinking to Its love, everything becomes clear and we manifest joy in our lives.

Let’s face it! Any action or thought if not inspired by love but misconception, implements things that do not match our true nature. No misconceived person can ever be happy. No matter how much wealth, fame or health a person has, what he really needs is Love. True Love: “The Kingdom of Heaven”. Jesus’ said “Ask for the Kingdom of Heaven to come into your hearts, and the rest will manifest with no effort at all”. So, when misery comes to our life because of our false choices, it is not God who punishes us, but we who desire the wrong things through our wrong way of thinking.

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