Fear and what really means “Devil”

Every thought that expresses fear is a perverted perception. Fear is the key measure to understand that our thinking opposes the Divine truth. “Devil” in Greek means “he who distorts the Truth”. I don’t know if there is some kind of “Devil being” or not (or a Satan), but it is sure that when we let false thoughts control our understanding  – and feelings – we have a “Chat with the Devil”, even if this being is just a part of our own self. And “Chatting with the Devil” always brings disastrous results. FEAR is what distracts us from the truth of who we really are and what we can really do and create. Fear is what isolates us from our Source.

Of course, I don’t proclaim that you should jump from the window if you feel like flying and have no fear. This would defy the laws of nature. It is important to realize that it is different to understand and respect the laws of the universe, and different to live in Fear and Scarcity.  So, by being present and in touch with our feelings we can understand whether we are connected with the source and align with the truth of God, otherwise we will be separated from the Divine and lead a fearful disastrous life.

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