Any “characteristic” that tries to prove our existence is false Ego… because we just ARE: Limitless beings of Light and children of God – nothing less.

Anything outside our Divine substance used to confirm our existence is “Ego” and it is wrong because it is cut off from the truth. It is selfishness to believe that we exist “because something happens” or that we are something “only when and for as long”…

“I think therefore I am.” This phrase suggests that I exist because I can think; therefore, thought becomes a cause of selfishness. In reality, Thought is a providential gift. However if we think we exist and we are worthy because of our thoughts, then we are trapped in an egoistic misunderstanding.

God in the form of a burning bush said “I AM EXISTENCE”. God just IS: (I AM THAT I AM). This relates to us as well. Each one of us JUST IS. None of us need to prove our existence by being clever, or athletic, or rich, or popular, or really good on something, or very bad on something, or whatever.

When we are attached to our “personality” we cannot experience the connection with the source to the full extend, and thus we are unable to manifest what we need properly and with clarity. To be able to experience the ultimate love of the Devine we need to completely free ourselves from the false belief that we exist because we are something fictional, beyond the fact that we just ARE. Think of it… if every moment that passes we just “ARE”, the potentials of progressing our REAL self are limitless… and that is what we really are: limitless beings of light, children of God, made of the appearance, the look and the substance of God “Itself/Himself/Herself”.


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