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Down to earth explanation on a quite woo-woo subject. Excellent!

I have heard about Akashic records in the past. I never wanted to go near this subject as I thought it was too woo-woo, strange, heretic and all the rest negative things. I was so wrong. I am glad that I found Debbra’s book because my entire perception on this subject shifted 180 degrees! Well, now I know it is not strange, it is not fantasy, it is a subject that actually all religions accept as truth, they just add a different name next to it and they approach it in a little different way. What I mostly love on the idea of diving into my own Akashic records is that my guides: angels, ancestors and other wise beings are here to help ME personally, and they want me to be happy. They want to communicate with me, and I need no spiritual or religion leader to have access to this wealth of information, love and support.

When it comes to the way the book is written, I found it professional, descriptive as much as needed and direct. It was a fast read, easy for me who I am not a native English speaker, but still not simplistic. I enjoyed reading about Debbra’s own experiences, how she came to learn about her guides, and it triggered me to think that probably I also have some kind of “psychic powers”… why not? If we all have a Birth-given right to access our records and communicate directly with our guides, then we all are entitled to have this extra sixth sense, right?

To make a long story short, I put the teachings of this book into practice and I can tell I now feel a lot more confident, I have greater clarity, I am not that overwhelmed anymore, I am not depressed because I can always see a solution on every problem and I feel being “In the flow”. Get this book, and enjoy those benefits yourself too.



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Cars have manuals, appliances have manuals. How fabulous would it be if you came with a manual too? Well, you do! Your manual is called the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are a powerful spiritual tool intended to help you on your journey through life. But you can’t utilize them if you don’t know how to access them, which is where Akashic Records Expert Debbra Lupien steps in. Her new book, Akasha Unleashed: The Missing Manual to You, is a quick-start guide to using the Records.

In these pages, you’ll learn how to:

• Trust your intuition
• Overcome challenges that leave you feeling stuck, frustrated, and hopeless
• Make the best, most empowered choices
• Have better, more satisfying relationships including finding your soul mate
• Use the Akashic Records with Law of Attraction to “manifest on steroids”
• Discover your soul purpose in life

“You have an entire team of spiritual guides at your disposal, archiving your life, your goals, your aspirations, your thoughts and desires. Their sole purpose in existing is to help you become the very best version of yourself.” —Guides of the Akasha

*Plus Bonuses: Reconnecting to Higher Consciousness Meditation and Akasha Unleashed Access Prayer

After you get your book, go to the Resources page (near the back) and click on the bonuses link. The meditation and access prayer are the tools you need to read your Records. Then prepare to have your socks knocked off by the wisdom of your guides.


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Bestselling Author Debbra Lupien is now working on her second book, but it is not published yet. Please check her out on February to be one of the first people who get it!