All your questions answered – 3 Volume set – A bestselling author’s complete manual to self-publishing and marketing your book


I am a book coach, and I have read all that there is on Amazon when it comes to book publishing. This is the only book that gives ALL this detailed information, step by step process, as well as a huge amount of resources that you could never find alone even if you tried for ages – and to be honest – not many other authors accept to share (or they don’t know about). In addition to this, the author is very modest, she admits that if she had not all this help from her daughter and her launching team, she would not succeed an Amazon bestseller status. If you bought just one book on book publishing and promoting, I would strongly recommend this one. Of course, you won’t find too much of information on details such as how to create your own book cover, because this is not the subject of the book. you can either go and hire a graphic designer, or you can go and watch youtube tutorials. I say this, because there are people who are extremely demanding, and they have false expectations on what they buy and what they get.

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 Amazon Description:

How to become a Bestselling author.  No more worries about how to market, publish and promote your book successfully.  Follow Mimi’s 5 STEP-ACTION-GUIDE and EASY-TO-FOLLOW TEMPLATES for an enjoyable and rewarding launch.

What does it mean to become a #1 Bestselling author on Amazon?
It means that you are the one that sells the most books on Amazon in your chosen categories and your book will receive a pretty orange bestselling banner. Your friends will now introduce you as their ‘bestselling author friend.’ That’s pretty cool!

Which steps to take to become a Bestselling author on Amazon?

Write the best possible book and give your audience awesome value.

Follow Mimi’s mini tutorials to maximize the popularity of your book effortlessly.

  • Create the most appealing cover.
  • Choose a descriptive title and subtitle.
  • Use appropriate keywords.
  • Choose your categories carefully.
  • Organize a support team.
  • Find the right audience to present your book to.
  • Book the most effective promotions at the right time.

How to get started on this?
You can start by reading just 37 pages (pages 15 to 52 in the paper copy) and do what Mimi did in her TEN-STEP-MARKETING-PLAN.

Skyrocket your success as an author. Your story is your legacy, let’s make it the best it can be! The Holy Grail of Book Launching contains the minimum steps necessary to PUBLISH A BOOK SUCCESSFULLY ON AMAZON. No fluff and most steps will apply to most platforms or can be adjusted as such. Each and every step is explained in minute detail in The Holy Grail of Book Launching.  All, yes A L L, will be explained with a multitude of mini-tutorials which quickly in an easy-peasy way explain how to write your very own BESTSELLER.

As a bonus, the book includes many secrets from her bestselling author friends such as Joanna Jast, Kathryn Jones, Kylie Ansett, Nick Daniel, Davina Chessid, Rupert Colley, Brittany Barbera and Sally Miller.

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