Hi, I am Vassia Sarri,
Book Coach & Mentor, Visual Communications Expert, Author and Certified Law of Attraction Coach.
I will be very happy and honored to serve you so that you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams.

For more information on Vassia’s Experience and preoccupation  and International Awards on Video and Photograpy, Click Here.




Branded Blog Photography:

For your articles, order unique photos.

Starting Price: $45/Photograph (Price Lowers with more photos)

Corporate & Product Showcase:

Photo shooting physical items in studio conditions

Starting Price: $30/product (price lowers with more products)

Photo Repair:

Recover wrincles, Fix morphing issues, Repair Image Damage

Starting price: $30/ picture
(price changes depending to the amount of edit)

Photo Edit:

Move and add different Background, add in the same picture things or people who do not exist there, connect multiple images together, etc.

Starting price: $40/ picture
(price changes depending to the amount of edit)


Corporate style, Fashion, Families & Special Events

Starting Price: $250/ 10 photos

Album Layouts:

Turn your photos into a professional printed album with great layout!

Starting Price $10/page (1 – 8 pictures/page)
Print price is not included


Youtube or TV Advertising Videos:

Script, Production, Directing, Edit & Post production

Starting Price: $450

Videos for eCourses:

Distance Shooting through the Web + titles, subtitles, charts, edit extra videos.

Starting Price: $250/25′ video
(Price Lowers with more videos)

Presentations with Photo Slide Show + Video + Animation:

Script,  Directing, Producint, Edit, Graphics. Youtube advertising, web site into videos, infomercials, edumercials.

Starting Price: $350/25′ video

Special Events & Ceremonies:

We come to your place and Documentary Shoot + edit

Starting price: $500 (extra cost for transportation and overnight accomodation)

Music Video Clips:

Especially for musicians. Script, Production, Directing, Shooting, Edit.

Starting price: $650/ song

Cinema Movies:

Turn your story into a real cinema movie. Script writing, Directing, Producing, Edit, graphics for promo material + film festivals.

Starting Price $5.000





Photographs for Corporate promotion, Blog posts or Magazines


Items to be sold. Those Photographs were shot for product showcase purposes, used on leaflets, catalogues, magazines, websites and e-shops.


Food, Drink and Desert, as well as Decor Items

Advertising Videos

Those videos were produced mostly for youtube promotion, but many of them have been viewed in the T.V. as well. In all cases Vassia Sarri has done the Camera, and in most of them, the Production, Edit and Directing.

Youtube Advertising | Book Promotion | “Joyful Wealthy Mother

Promotion for Media | Production, Edit, Directing | for Laughter Club

Youtube Advertising | Freelance Project | Client: Printpoint

2020 Advertising | Camera & Speaker’s Director | Client: Kotsaridas

Camera, Edit & Animation | Client: GIFS

2020 Advertising |Production & Camera | Client: 1+1 Furniture

2020 Advertising | Camera | Client: Morfat

Work with Us

Photo and Video is essential for your business promotion. We make it easy for you, as we come to your place, with the most professional cameras, lighting and décor setup. Arrange a meeting through email: or call Vassia Sarri at (+30) 6977599098



For your business profile, your commercial promotion, your loved ones and your memories.

Art Photography

Experimental & Artistic


Portfolio Creation: Photography for Architects & Interior Decorators

Buildings & Monuments

Touristic Industry Corporate Work

Music Video Clips & Art Films

Here you will find some of the music video clips we have produced & Directed, Vassia’s Sarri Awarded short films and Artistic videos with social messages.

Music Video Clip | Composer: Peris Zigouris | “Trelenomai”

Social Message Video | Idea: Panagiotis Sarris | “Stop Bullying”

Music Video Clip | Music Group: “Solo2” | Song: “Come to the Party”

Promotion for Theatre Play | “Bridal Bed” 

Awarded Film | Art Experimental Project | “Meriet” part 1

Bristol University Project | Design Production | “Matching Pair”

Biennale Runner Up Short Film | Production, Script, Directing |
“Chaos & Communication”

Work with Us

Photo and Video is essential for your business promotion. We make it easy for you, as we come to your place, with the most professional cameras, lighting and décor setup. Arrange a meeting through email: or call Vassia Sarri at (+30) 6977599098


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Weddings by Vassia Sarri and her Crew


Baptisms by Vassia Sarri and her Crew



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