Hi, I am Vassia Sarri,
Book Coach & Mentor, Visual Communications Expert, Author and Certified Law of Attraction Coach.
I will be very happy and honored to serve you so that you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams.

For more information on Vassia’s Experience and preoccupation on Illustration, Click Here.

We create Illustrations for:

Card Decks & Oracle Cards

Oracle cards and card decks can be a great tool for promoting your expertise.

Starting Price: $45 / image

Board Games

There is no more exciting way to teach your wisdom through a fun board game!

Starting Price: $200

Book Illustrations

Illustrations are great not just for kids’ books… but also for grown-ups’ ones.

Starting Price: $80 / Image (more images less cost each)

Important notice:

We do not offer print services. The indicative prices above are ONLY for design. If you want to print your designs we recommend that you turn to “Print-On-Demand” online services such as:  |

Disclaimer: Vassia Sarri is not responsible for any damage or loss, or difficult cooperation with the above companies. The nature of the recommendation is only supportive and you are asked to make your own research before you decide where you will print your designs.

Paintings & Illustrations Portfolio

  • Illustration Katie OracleCardDeck
  • Illustration AmropHever
  • Illustration AngelsOnWood
  • Illustration AngelsWatercolor
  • Illustration CartoonAngels
  • Illustration TheatreSteps2
  • Illustration DisneyStyle
  • Illustration Fantacy1
  • Illustration Fantacy3
  • Illustration Fantacy5
  • Illustration Japanese Valentine
  • Illustration Illustrator2
  • Illustration Fantacy4
  • Illustration xpress
  • Illustration Marina Book2
  • Illustration Illustrator
  • Illustration Medrano Airbrush
  • Illustration MetalEagle
  • Illustration OilOnCanvas
  • Illustration plasticine
  • Illustration Orthodox2
  • Illustration politexnio
  • Illustration TheatreSteps3
  • Illustration TheatreSteps1
  • Illustration TheatreSteps4
  • Illustration Artoon
  • Illustration CartoonFigures1
  • Illustration Betoto
  • Illustration Tombow
  • Illustration Art Linoleum