You can purchase any of the following items from our ETSY shop. The reason we prefer to promote our items through is that Most buyers already have an ETSY account, and they are familiar with how ETSY works, they feel confident that it is a safe medium and they can have an easy navigation among the products.



All items are decorated with images 100% original, created by Vassia Sarri, Artist, Illustrator, Coach, and founder of – no images can be reproduced or copied as they are copy right protected by the owner.

The Philosophy behind our Products:

We provide all types of useful items, such as Stationary, Mugs, Kitchenware, Home Decoration, Bags and Purses, Clothes and more. The overall philosophy is to add on those items positive images, such as personalized angels, or portraits of thought leaders, etc, accompanied with prayers and affirmations, so that when using the item, you will reprogram your mind end heart towards your greatest goals and dreams. You may get some of the items for yourself, according to your preferences and needs, or, you can gift them to your loved ones, especially on occasions such as birthdays and traditional celebrations.


Main Collections:

Cartoon style Angels
with prayers and affirmations

Watercolor Classic Angels
with Prayers and Affirmations

Famous Inspirational Quotes