Hi, I am Vassia Sarri and I want to introduce myself

as your ideal Visual Communications expert


For the last 20 years (and a little more) I have been working professionally as a creative: a Graphic Designer, a Web developer, an illustrator, an animator, a photographer, a film director and producer. I have also been teaching Graphic design, web design and all Adobe Programs since 1999 in universities and colleges such as: AKTO Art and Design, IEK AKMI, City University and IEK XINI. On 2011 I was accepted as a professional tutor for OAED – LAEK educational programs with personal code: 40373



Why you would want to work with me:


I am Inspired and fast in visualizing and materializing ideas.

I also love working with different Concepts,

with people from all around the world,

embracing multiple perspectives, while learning new skills.

I can develop Creative Concepts & unique ideas,

with strong graphic design knowledge,

and excellent operation on most Adobe programs.

I have exceptional knowledge in WordPress and Web Design,

Social Media Marketing & Promotion online Strategies,

Typography and branding, effective web page layouts & CSS.

I am Inspired Motion Designer & Animator,

Professional at Photo & Video editing,

Experienced on After Effects and 3d programs.


Awards & Discriminatory:

 On Film & Animation:   Award for the best experimental film in the 7th International Panorama of Independent Film Makers for the film “Meriet” (Direction, Scenario, Production). 2005

On Film:   5th Audience Award at the Platforma Film Festival: Screenplay, Production, Direction, and Editing, “Sanatorio.” 2003

Full Scholarship:   by Lambrakis group under the name “Friends of Music Association” for studies at the University of Bristol-level Master of Arts. 2001

On Film:   Runner up – Biennale of Young Creators 2001: Screenplay, production, directing & editing, the short film “Chaos and Communication”

On Multimedia & Animation:   Mobius Award 1999: 1st Prize for Scientific Multimedia Application on “Medicare, Creative, Performance, and Animation” (Bonfire multimedia productions)

On Graphic Design:    Middlesex University, BA in graphic design with diploma in comics and illustration, grade 9.18 / 10  1997-1998

On Graphic Design:   One out of the eighteen best posters created for the celebration of 100 years Olympic Games among all AKTO students. The work was attached in the claim file for the 2004 Olympic Games. 1997

  • MerietAward
  • Mobius
  • x press interview
  • Biennale
  • OlympicGames
  • Platforma Sanatorio


Freelancer Web Developer & Graphic Designer |  2007 – 2016:  Most of my clients have been solo professionals, Doctors, and I have also cooperated with several small advertising companies and creative studios. (SelTours, Filoxenia Vitina Apartments, Option event management, Amrop Hever – HR Excel, Betoto, Gerryweber-Glyfada, Mayros Design, MelinaMay, Pivot Advertising, and more)

Tutor at AKTO | October 2004 – 2007: educational group in web design, multimedia and video editing lessons, programs: Adobe Premiere, Macromedia Flash – Dreamweaver – Director.

Tutor at City University |  January 2002 -2004: web design & Animation (flash, Dreamweaver, Premiere)

Graphic Designer + Flash animator |  February 2000 – June 2001: “Ogilvy-interactive” subsidiary of Bold Advertising

Professor at IEK AKMI |   December 1999 – June 2001: “Illustration,” “Comics”, “Web Design”

Junior art director |  January 1999 -January 2000: at Bonfire multimedia productions.

2017: Prosperity Oracle Card Deck (77 cards) for Theta Healer Katie Kieffer

2011 September: “Theatrical paths” for Alkyon Publishing House, 60 drawing salons for four-dimensional editions of educational content.

2007 – November: “Aslania and Kaplania” children’s fairy tale of Pontian origin for the publishing house P. Kyriakidis, illustration

1998 – 2000: Free Lance Illustrator for Magazines and CDRom by Unilever, Lambraki (inserts and illustrations in RAM, ROM, National Geographic magazines)


1997-1998: Illustration at Hillside Press Publishing House

1996: Illustration of cover books in the publishing house “”

1996: Creation of a poster for the “100 Years of Olympic Games” purchased by the Ministry of Culture and sent to the Atlanta Olympics where it also participated in a special art exhibition.

Collaborations in the field of television and advertising:

Production & Camera |  October 2004 – 2017: External partner in the production department of “Steffi,” “2020”, “pivot” and other advertising companies, for advertising spots such as “sex form,” “Amita motion,” “”

Arta advert 2020 |  https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=3dV-YBD89ng

1+1 Furniture 2020 | https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=I8rf4nbnR2k

Editorial team member |  January – June 2006 and May – July 2005: Logger in the “Dream Show” reality at Alfa

Second assistant director |   August – November 2005: in the serial of ENA productions “In the Sun of the Aegean” by ANT1

Editor-in-Chief Assistant and Live Image Console user | January – April 2005: “Channel 10 “

NBC Olympics |  June 2004-September 2004: American production channel at the Olympic Games.

Producing and directing my films:

Music Video Clips |  October 2003 – 2008: Production, directing & animation


Awarded Film “Sanatorio” |  August 2001: Screenplay, production, directing and editing

Runner Up for Biennale “Chaos and Communication” |  December 2000: Script, production, directing & editing short film  https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=BLbNE4hMgCg

Internationally awarded experimental film “Meriet” | September 1999 – May 2005: Screenplay, Production, Direction   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLEBZ-ikL0w


Collaboration on feature films as Production Assistant:

“One Day at Night”   “Το κλάμα βγήκε από τον παράδεισο.”  “Πολίτικη Κουζίνα”  “Oxygen”  “Brides”


  • MAandScholarship
  • GraphicArts Certificates
  • CertificatesOnPsychology


Online Marketing | 2015-2017:  “The Marketing Mentors: Big Ticket Sales Machine” Online Seminar, Weekly Coaching & VIP Group Participation, by Adam Urbanski. Subject: Social Media Marketing Strategies, Funnels and E-mailing lists, online sales and online entrepreneurship.

Life Coaching | 2011 – February: Two-day seminar on Life Coaching in London by the Coaching Academy aimed at developing team building and leadership skills in the workplace.

Painting | 2005: Studying at a School of Hagiography and Traditional Art.

MA in Film and Television Production |  2001-2002: Bristol University – Thesis on Video Games Production

Film Directing & Script | 1999-2000: Kinorama, School of Directing – Focus on Film Script with Tutor Stathis Valoukos

BA in graphic design | 1997-1998: Middlesex University, 9,18/10

Diploma in graphic design | 1994-1997: AKTO, 4th grade of this year

Special Effects Make-Up | 1994: “KRYOLAN”: Three-Day Seminar for Professional Makeup and Special Effects

Music | 1986-1996: Glyfada Conservatory, Harmony of music degree