I have been told through all the online marketing courses I have participated that if I want to be respected as an Authority, I need to niche. Niche tightly. Niche to whom I work for, niche to what I exactly do. Focus, focus, focus.

So, when I realized that my interests, my talents, and my degrees were not limited to just one specialty, I felt confused. I didn’t know how to introduce myself: A Graphic Designer? A web developer? A musician? An Artist and illustrator? A film Director and Producer? A Social Media Marketing expert, or a Book Coach and Self Publications Consultant?


Until I realized that EVERYTHING is connected!


I have skills in shooting great pictures because I am a good illustrator. I have spent thousands of hours sitting in front of my canvas, or “Jamming” with my “Wacom” in Photoshop, so I can tell what a good composition is. My painting, photography, and storytelling skills lead me to create my internationally awarded films. I know about motion and how editing brings emotions to the viewers. I have also been fond of Computers and programming since I was nine years old: My first programming language was “Basic, ” and I was writing scripts on my Amstrad green-black monitor. This is why I am still enthusiastic learning about the most recent web developing trends, and my Graphic design skills can turn me into a web developer who has a great sense of aesthetics, a web developer who knows about motion and can animate illustrations. I can create all the graphics for you, your videos, your promotion strategy and your website.

In addition, as a certified coach and an author of 7 books, I can tell you how to be productive when writing your own book, and I can show you how to promote it and turn it into an Amazon Bestseller.


Everything is connected, and this is why

my greatest skill is that I can take care of your projects through 360 degrees.

 I am Inspired and fast in visualizing and materializing ideas.

I also love working with different Concepts,

with people from all around the world,

embracing multiple perspectives,

while learning new skills.