Because all the things that I can do for you:

such as Book Coaching, life coaching, self publishing consulting, Home Based Entrepreneurship Coaching, Web Development, Graphic Arts and Illustrations, Video and Photography,

are just tools, gifts and tallents, that I use as appropriate, in order to support you, according to your unique individual nees, on busting your overwhelm, and achieving your goals.


I was told that if I want to be respected as an Authority, I need to niche. Niche tightly. Niche to whom I work for, niche to what I exactly do. Focus, focus, focus.

But, as my interests, my talents, and my degrees were not limited to just one specialty, I felt confused. I didn’t know how to introduce myself: A Graphic Designer? A web developer? A musician? An Artist and illustrator? A film Director and Producer? A Social Media Marketing expert, or a Book Coach and Self Publications Consultant?

That Niching consept is such a troubling and overwhelming issue, that kept me from expressing my self and my gifts for many years. The more I tried to figure out “my Specialty” and “My Niche” the more overwhelmed I would be, the less clients I would attract, the less work I would do, the less joy I would have in my life. I finally got depressed, overweight, and broke. Something had to change.

And it did change. I decided to get rid of my Overwhelm, by refusing to put a specific tag on myself, by refusing to specify my nich, by refusing to brand myself through “research”, by refusing to expose only one of my gifts and burry under the ground all the rest. I refused to wear “marketing masks” and I embraced me, as a hall.  I now follow my heart doing what I really enjoy, and I serve all that I am given as gifts and talents from Divine. What I represent is trusting my Intuition, Serving my gifts as they have been God Given, and staying within the flow by combining spirituality with practicality. Being in the flow is the complete opposite from being overwhelm, and, if I can achieve to bust your own overwhelm, then I will have achieved my life purpose.

 But who I am to say I can bust your overwhelm and help you achieve most of your ambitions? Keep on reading to find out about my personal story, my preoccupation, and my studies on:



I started my working career as a Graphic designer and Web developer on 1994 when I graduated with a Batchelor’s of Arts.

From the very beginning I realized I wanted to create something of my own, to have my own business and live a Boss Free Life because I didn’t like to have other people decide for my time.




Six years later I quit my job, as an Graphic Designer & Animator from Bold Ogilvy (many called me crazy for leaving this advertising company), but I had other plans for my life. I dreamed of becoming a film Director so I went to England to study Film and Television Production.  I loved the Cinema and I still do. So I got a Masters of Arts from Bristol University. When I came back to Greece I worked for several films and TV productions but the pay was small for too many hard working hours. I felt it wasn’t worthy, so I turned my interest to wedding videos and photography.

Between 2003 and 2007 I was working as a free lancer web developer, Videographer for weddings and I was also teaching web and graphic design at 4 different Art Colleges. In my free time I shot 3 short films that all got recognition and awards on international film festivals.



At around 2007 I almost got a very prestigious job as an Art Director, for a big advertising firm… It was a great opportunity, but it didn’t come to a fruition. My health didn’t let me move and work outside the house: I got pregnant, and within the first week, complications were severe.  I had to stay still in bed for six whole months! My doctor didn’t even let me sit on a chair. The first month, I was devastated, but soon I overcame my misery. I kept in contact with my associates and clients as a web developer, through the internet and on the phone. I was doing my work by having my laptop on a breakfast table, while lying in bed. In addition to this, I started cooperating with free lancers, and I would pay them for filming and photographing on my behalf.

So, the Job was done, my personal business started rolling, and the baby was born in perfect health!





I have many friends and relatives, who left their children in daycare centers before their sixth month!

Those parents didn’t see the first steps of their children nor did they hear their first words. They didn’t mean to let that happen, they hated it, but they were desperate, as they falsely believed that they had no other choice.




My effort to respond to the financial difficulties, regardless of the general economic status of our times (the Greek economic crisis – 2009 – if you remember), led me to a huge research. It was concerning marketing through the internet, ways of promoting products and services, policies of contacting clients, smart time management and money management and achieving goals.

Managing to succeed financial independence by working from home and at the same time to look after two babies, I had to put myself into discipline. In that way, I would be able to think strategically on every choice and action I was ready to make. I also had to correct the way I saw myself, my relationships and my values. All that experience was recorded down to detail and I offer it to you now, as an organized business system and at the same time, as a map to a successful and happy family life.



My intention is to help as many of you as I can, to deal with your economic and professional difficulties, your ups and downs in mood, to improve your relationships and to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true!



I now work as an “Overwhelm-Busting Coach & Mentor” through the “Succeed Your Goals” blog, while my business “Vassileia –  Video & Photography” works for me without me. I am also an Amazon Bestselling Author, I support many companies on a monthly basis as a graphic designer and web developer, I do illustrations selectively (only for projects that inspire me) and I enjoy enough “Free time” with my husband and my children.

I don’t like the phrase “free time” because I consider all my day as being truly FREE.  I do only what I enjoy doing. Besides my Life coaching,  writing and blogging career, I love Traveling with my husband, I often go to the pub for a beer, I study self development, I create paintings and other pieces of art, I am filming my own films, I support a Lego Facebook page with my sons and I also enjoy cooking.


I remember myself, even since I was very young, a little kid… I was climbing on a tree in my Grandmother’s yard, and I was investing up there countless hours reading books. I adored novels on mystery and horror subjects, but I also read a lot of non fiction books, on subjects such as self development, religions, spirituality, psychology and business. I dreamed of becoming an Author myself some day, and wherever I went, I had a notebook with me, to write down ideas on characters, plots, and “meaning of life” consepts…

I am grateful that as I grew up, this dream of mine became a reality, and not only did I wrote (and still writing) many books, not only  have I filmed awarded movies based on my own scripts, but I have also coached a lot of inspired messengers: to write, publish and turn their own books into Amazon bestsellers  – when they throught they could never accomplish such a dream.


That I am an empath and intuitive, so I can guide my coaching clients exactly to where they need to focus their attention, according their own ideas, beliefs, wisdom and experience. That skill alone, totally busts their overwhelm, and in a very short amount of time they are comfortably writing by following the perfect for their own book outline. I also have great motivational skills, and many cool practical ideas on how to complete all tasks, even when time is limited.


My dream to become an author and how I overcame my writing “Disability


When I was very young, about four or five years old, I knew exactly what I wanted to become when I would grow up: “a Divine Preacher, an Inventor and… a Writer!” My ideas sounded very reasonable to me and although I had never written anything, I knew that I would write wonderfully. I was visualizing people reading my books, probably I would write about God (to also fulfill the preaching part of my dream) and they would be inspired by my words and writings… unfortunately, my school teachers didn’t have the same idea with me. They told to my parents that I had a big problem and I should be treated for “Dyslexia”. They said, I wrote the letters upside down, and my brain would never help me spell properly even my own name.  So, they never sat down to read my essays – they were just checking with red marker my spelling mistakes and giving me “minus D” grades… Finally, my parents got a “Government – hospital – official – whatever” paper that confirmed I was disabled to write, so that my teachers would treat me kindly and with understanding…

Thus, I quit my “becoming a writer” dream for a while and started painting. I was good at it and I was enjoying it a lot. People loved my illustrations and they didn’t put much attention to my writing disability… but when I was 17 years old, I felt again the need to sit down and write. I had a film script in my head and I wanted to turn it into a comic book or an animation. But if I wanted to do such thing, I should first write it down on paper. I didn’t know how to write properly; writing with a pen and with the typical “school style” was confusing and difficult. I had so great ideas in my mind, but when I grabbed the pen, all the ideas would vanish. I would get frustrated, thinking “Is my first paragraph properly written? Does it describe what the rest text will be about? How do I start the second paragraph, are my phrases grammatically and syntactically correct?” When I was speaking, I had no problem with my communication. I would speak fluently, as if I were born to become a public speaker, but when I tried to write… all the blocks I ever had would come into the surface and force me to quit.

The good thing about me is that I never take for granted the “Authorities’” and “Professional’s” dogmas. Nope! Why should I? I had so great ideas within my soul; I knew I could express them; I just had to find a way convenient to my own style. So, I thought, if I can’t write properly with a pen, I could try to type. Typing with the one finger is the most time consuming task in the world, so, I learned to typewrite blindly. That was it. I realized that I could type the idea at the moment it would pop in my head. I could type faster than I spoke, so I started typing, and the things I finally wrote were magnificent. I call them magnificent, comparing them with my school writings and essays; I don’t pretend I am Paulo Coelho… although with a lot of practice, one day I might become an author of such status. So, this was the beginning for me, to start writing my ideas, my feelings, everything that came from my heart. Still, though, I had no idea that after some years I would write and publish entire books. I had long forgotten about my childhood’s dream.

The fruition of my first book

DSCF0003Time and years passed fast. I became a successful Graphic and Web designer, I also studied M.A. in Film & TV production, I started studying Life Coaching and I was creating short films for hobby. 

The turning point in my life came during my first pregnancy. I had many complications and I had to stay still in bed for six whole months! My doctor didn’t even let me sit on a chair. I kept in contact with my associates and clients as a web developer, through the internet and on the phone. I was doing my work by having my laptop on a breakfast table, while lying in bed. In addition to this, I started cooperating with freelancers, and I would pay them for filming and photographing on my behalf. So, the Job was done, my personal business started rolling, and the baby was born in perfect health! Everything went well. Actually, much better than I could ever imagine… I believe that I’ve been very lucky since I was able to raise my two children on my own. I have many friends and relatives, who left their children in daycare centers before their sixth month! Those parents didn’t see the first steps of their children nor did they hear their first words. They didn’t mean to let that happen, they hated it, but they were desperate, as they falsely believed that they had no other choice…

 … and this made me so frustrated, I felt I had to tell about my own experience: To let people know that there is a choice! They can raise their own kids while working from home. I felt it as an urging need to spread the word and speak out loud this – so hopeful and loving – message!

So, by blind-typing as if I were speaking out loud, I finished the entire book within less than two weeks. The book was good, direct, well written and properly structured. I was impressed and I thought it was worthy to be published. I gave it to a friend who was working in a publishing house and she gave it to the people who were responsible for the publications. She told me: “This book is very feminine and they are not looking for something like that for now, but they told me they would love to read more books of yours, because you obviously have great talent in writing”.

Let me say this once more: “They would love to read more of my books because I obviously have great talent in writing”??? I have a talent in writing? Who Me – the “Little-Dyslexic-ADD-Disabled” Vassia? Oh, if only my old school teachers could hear these words…


 How I became a Self-Publishing Expert

helping Helen DamianidiAnyway, I really wanted to publish my book, and I addressed my manuscript to many different publishing houses. I met the publishers and most of them wanted to work with me because as they said, they loved my work… but what I found out about traditional publishing was not really nice… I would actually describe it quite nasty: They wanted to edit my own wording in a way that it distorted my ideas and values, they wanted me to get only 15% of the earnings – if and when – the money was collected from the book sellers and they wanted me to do all the promotion with my own personal effort and money. So, why should I get only 15% of the earnings – out of so much personal work and effort? They assumed that they would earn 85% of my own book for doing what? Adding their publishing house logo on my book? And expecting that because of this they would have the rights of my book for the rest of my life? No, I didn’t like this deal. So, I decided to leave it. But I was lucky enough to receive in my email an e-invitation for a self-publishing authors’ tele-summit. It was hosted by Kristine Closer and Lynn Klippel. It was just AUSOME! It introduced me to a world I never expected that there existed: a marvelous, miraculous world full of hope, where every single in-spired person could succeed, not because they accepted the “market’s demands” but because they worked cleverly, efficiently and focused through the internet and armored with their own personal value.

After this new amazing apocalypse, I did a huge research trying to learn everything I could about self-publications and online promotion: I read dozens of books, I enrolled in online seminars – both free and paid, I bought home study courses, I participated to all the tele-summits I could find about self-publishing and online promotion and I got coached by well-known marketing mentors. 

Finally, I did publish all my eBooks, I did promote them and sold them without having to print a single copy, I gained great experience and I met wonderful in-spired people during this journey. I also learned advanced strategies and techniques about Self-Development-business promotion, such as: how to create my own programs, coaching courses, home study courses, how to promote them, how to work with affiliate professionals, how to reach for JV partnerships etc.


 How I started Coaching and Consulting on Book writing and self publishing

On 2013 a member of a Facebook group expressed some interest in writing a book and I sent her a personal message: I wrote her what she should do in order to get her own book done within less than a month. I explained to her my own system, which I can guarantee, it works and brings results to everyone. She was inspired by the ease of my system, and then she said something I will never forget: “I so much want to write… oh, all those dreams of mine…” Oh all of those dreams of mine… I felt like a lightening stroke me! I love so much anything that has to do with Self-Development. I adore all those Healers, Therapists and Coaches who take time to share their expertise with all of us and help us progress in our lives, in our relationships and in our businesses… I really love them! I feel so grateful to them… They have helped me because they managed to reach me personally through their book. Indeed, just one single book of theirs could be enough to change my life for the better. And they haven’t helped only me; they have managed to change hundreds, if not thousands of lives, from all around the world. So, when I heard this phrase “Oh, all those Dreams of mine” I realized that I would never have achieved my own dreams if I hadn’t been inspired by the teachings within those books.



Now I help those in-spired people spread their word to the world!


  • I know so well how to write a book in less than a month – even though I do suffer from Dyslexia and ADD/ADHD! My system is not a treatment for such disorders, of course, and it applies to everyone – disabled or not, but the disability is underlined for emphasis in the ease of the process.
  • I can help people get total clarity in their goals and needs. I am already a Life Coach, with many happy clients who have achieved a lot more than what they expected before our coaching sessions.
  • I defiantly am the go to person when it comes to Graphics, Illustration, Web design and book interior: I have been working successfully as a graphic designer for more than 15 years, thus, I can provide to my Book-Creation clients a complete program with all the graphics included.
  • And I have all the knowledge that is needed when it comes to the Self-Publishing and online promotion era.




For the last 20 years (and a little more) I have been working professionally as a creative: a Graphic Designer, a Web developer, an illustrator, an animator, a photographer, a film director and producer. I have also been teaching Graphic design, web design and all Adobe Programs since 1999 in universities and colleges such as: AKTO Art and Design, IEK AKMI, City University and IEK XINI. On 2011 I was accepted as a professional tutor for OAED – LAEK educational programs with personal code: 40373


That I am Inspired and fast in visualizing and materializing ideas. I also love working with different Concepts, with people from all around the world, embracing multiple perspectives, while learning new skills.

I can develop Creative Concepts & unique ideas,

with strong graphic design knowledge,

and excellent operation on most Adobe programs.

I have exceptional knowledge in WordPress and Web Design,

Social Media Marketing & Promotion online Strategies,

Typography and branding, effective web page layouts & CSS.

I am Inspired Motion Designer & Animator,

Professional at Photo & Video editing,

Experienced on After Effects and 3d programs.


Awards & Discriminatory:

 On Film & Animation:   Award for the best experimental film in the 7th International Panorama of Independent Film Makers for the film “Meriet” (Direction, Scenario, Production). 2005

On Film:   5th Audience Award at the Platforma Film Festival: Screenplay, Production, Direction, and Editing, “Sanatorio.” 2003

Full Scholarship:   by Lambrakis group under the name “Friends of Music Association” for studies at the University of Bristol-level Master of Arts. 2001

On Film:   Runner up – Biennale of Young Creators 2001: Screenplay, production, directing & editing, the short film “Chaos and Communication”

On Multimedia & Animation:   Mobius Award 1999: 1st Prize for Scientific Multimedia Application on “Medicare, Creative, Performance, and Animation” (Bonfire multimedia productions)

On Graphic Design:    Middlesex University, BA in graphic design with diploma in comics and illustration, grade 9.18 / 10  1997-1998

On Graphic Design:   One out of the eighteen best posters created for the celebration of 100 years Olympic Games among all AKTO students. The work was attached in the claim file for the 2004 Olympic Games. 1997

  • OlympicGames
  • Biennale
  • Mobius
  • x press interview
  • Platforma Sanatorio



Online Marketing | 2015-2017:  “The Marketing Mentors: Big Ticket Sales Machine” Online Seminar, Weekly Coaching & VIP Group Participation, by Adam Urbanski. Subject: Social Media Marketing Strategies, Funnels and E-mailing lists, online sales and online entrepreneurship.

Life Coaching | 2011 – February: Two-day seminar on Life Coaching in London by the Coaching Academy aimed at developing team building and leadership skills in the workplace.

Painting | 2005: Studying at a School of Hagiography and Traditional Art.

MA in Film and Television Production |  2001-2002: Bristol University – Thesis on Video Games Production

Film Directing & Script | 1999-2000: Kinorama, School of Directing – Focus on Film Script with Tutor Stathis Valoukos

BA in graphic design | 1997-1998: Middlesex University, 9,18/10

Diploma in graphic design | 1994-1997: AKTO, 4th grade of this year

Special Effects Make-Up | 1994: “KRYOLAN”: Three-Day Seminar for Professional Makeup and Special Effects

Music | 1986-1996: Glyfada Conservatory, Harmony of music degree

  • CertificatesOnPsychology
  • MAandScholarship
  • GraphicArts Certificates


Graphic & Web Design

Professor at IEK AKMI |   December 1999 – June 2001: “Illustration,” “Comics”, “Web Design”

Graphic Designer + Flash animator |  February 2000 – June 2001: “Ogilvy-interactive” subsidiary of Bold Advertising

Junior art director |  January 1999 -January 2000: at Bonfire multimedia productions.

Tutor at City University |  January 2002 -2004: web design & Animation (flash, Dreamweaver, Premiere)

Tutor at AKTO | October 2004 – 2007: educational group in web design, multimedia and video editing lessons, programs: Adobe Premiere, Macromedia Flash – Dreamweaver – Director.

Freelancer Web Developer & Graphic Designer |  2007 – 2019:  Most of my clients have been solo professionals, Doctors, and I have also cooperated with several small advertising companies and creative studios. (SelTours, Filoxenia Vitina Apartments, Option event management, Amrop Hever – HR Excel, Betoto, Gerryweber-Glyfada, Mayros Design, MelinaMay, Pivot Advertising, and more)

Creative & Marketing Director |  2018 – 2020:  Axxion Association, Web Design, Marketing Strategies, Social Media Promotion, Print promotion Material.