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online tools

Trying to figure out everything yourself, is not an easy thing. Most of us, Life coaches, Healers, Solopreneurs, Self-development professionals as well as Home based business owners, have tons of duties to figure out before we even start working on our own projects, and our writing career might fall behind. Letting your writing dream fade is not a solution for overcoming overwhelm, because, even if you totally quit writing, and never becoming the author you always dreamed of, still, the time left will be filled with other duties and you will remain as much overwhelmed and confused as before. The only solution to this problem is to work efficiently and cleverly with online tools and applications that are – most of them – free and very easy to use.

So, would you want to organize your life and business properly, to work efficiently and focused? Would you enjoy greatly seeing your time perfectly well organized? Wouldn’t it be brilliant to work regularly on your practice (whether it’s coaching, mentoring, healing, etc.) and still have enough time and energy to write your own book? It is not that difficult, believe me; I have found some wonderful online tools that have made my life so much easier and I am presenting them here for you, to try them test them, embrace them and free your time and your energy once and for all!!!


bufferHow to organize your Posts on social media:

There are many online free tools for you to organize your social media posts, your promotions and your exposure when it comes to your blog posts. My favorite is Buffer, because it lets you promote your posts automatically and repeatedly on several different social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Fb, etc. It lets you arrange the regularity, the time, the day. Check it out at http://www.buffer.com


evernoteOrganize information you collect from the Internet for future reference:

This is a really cool tool that is also free.  It is used for “clipping” websites, paragraphs, pictures, whatever you find in your browser and you need it for future reference, your book writing and your blog posting. The tool is called Evernote and you can find it at www.evernote.com . I would recommend that you set aside a couple of hours when you first install it, to use it, try it, and test it so that you get really familiar with it. Once you get used to it, you will be questioning how you could work without it in the past.


articlevideorobotCreate stunning videos INSTANTLY directly from your posts

Sounds crazy? Well, it does work! And not only does it create videos with photos and titles and sound and music, but it also lets you instantly upload it to tenths of online video directories including of course YouTube. It is called Video Robot and you can find it here: http://www.articlevideorobot.com/ it is a paid service, not too expensive though, and I strongly believe it is worth the money.  


getresponseList building and Autoresponder service

I have used most of the autoresponder services available, and I have come to the conclusion that there is only one which is so cheap, so good, which has so wonderful templates, it is so easy to use, and it has such great service when you need direct help. But what is listbuilding and autoresponders? If you have not a clue about it, it is when you give away a free gift, in order to collect emails and then, automatically provide value, promote your blogposts, and finally sell your services. I am talking about GetResponce, which you can find at www.getresponce.com .

It offers a 30 day free trial so that you can use it and see exactly what it can do for you. In addition to this it offers and invaluable 90 days ecourse where it teaches you for free (well, with the cost of using the service) how to build your list from zero to 10.000 emails and raving followers. I can assure you it is the best course available in the market, as, it is created by the very people who know exactly what is needed to be done in order to create a live, active, and responsive big list!!!


canvaTitles for your blog posts, Graphics for your Covers and cool social media visual advertising:

Let’s say you are not a savvy graphic designer and you don’t own the last version of the Adobe suit… what do you do? You just go to www.canva.com and you create stunning graphics for FREE. Not just any kind of graphics. They are incredible, easy, and you can use templates for infographics, social media of all kinds and sizes, magazine or book covers, I mean… ANYTHING. I use it all the time.

Here is some tips on adding text on your online pictures: Most internet users don’t take time to read your posts if the are not sure they really interest them. There are also many social media platforms, such as www.pinterest.com   and  www.instagram.com  where you only see the pictures. For this reason, on ANYTHING you post as image, add text with Canva. You will be excited to see how many more clicks you will get with just this little trick.


lawtradesFree lifetime access to professional legal documents (you need this)

Appsumo provides this incredible opportunity, but it will be available only till the end of January 2017. Here is a little more information: “LawTrades gives you access to essential legal documents, drafted by real attorneys. And these high-quality agreements are available without their typical hefty price tag. (Most attorneys are charging $200-$400 per hour!) Not only are you one-click away from reputable legal documents, you are one-click away from consulting with an attorney for free! (Good luck getting an attorney to do anything for free.) Also, it doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or leader of a small cult startup , everyone can benefit from having access to this legal library. You can get this incredible LIFETIME free gift here:  


I know, it is a big link, but because I am an AppSumo customer, I get that kind of links in my inbox that I can share… or better, let me give you a shorter link, which will lead you to the same place: http://tinyurl.com/z3umyn6


tinyurlHow to make long links into tiny ones

To promote your work through twitter for example, you need a small URL. You can’t just give a 3 lines link for someone to follow you… you got the point just above, with my so long link, right? then, what do you do? You just go to www.tinyurl.com and you add your huge url into a specific window, you press “make it tiny” and you get what you really need: a tiny URL. Brilliant and invaluable.


Contribute your Article or Free gift for more exposure:

There are some directories where you can upload your own article and your free giveaway so that you attract to your own blog and emailing list more people. I have just created a wonderful directory for contributors who want better and more exposure. Please, feel free to visit our freebies section and contribute your own article, free giveaway, as well as, your own Amazon Kindle ebook during the period that is being promoted for free. The contributions are reviewed and approved within 24 hours.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this article and the resources I offer here. They are all tried and tested, and they are the best of their kind. Keep on coming, because this specific article will be renewed often, as I find more exciting tools all the time.