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Vassia Sarri promote your book

If you are a Self-Development professional, such as a therapist, a healer, a psychologist or a life coach, in order to establish yourself as an Authority, to promote your practice efficiently and to raise your visibility above your “antagonism” all you need to do is to write an e-book and promote it globally… But how do you do the promotion?


You might feel overwhelm even thinking about it but don’t despondent because I am going to share with you 5 killer strategies that will turn your “little e-book” into a massive exposure phenomenon:

  1. Promote your e-book through affiliate partners
  2. Give away your e-book for free for just 3 days through Amazon Kindle – and let everyone you know and download it.
  3. Promote the book through Social Media Groups: Facebook, LinkedIn etc. and promise a free gift to all the people who purchase it for very limited time.
  4. Teach publicly your book’s subjects: online, offline and through the traditional media.
  5. Write and promote online a lot of articles

I know, those strategies might sound Greek to you, but keep on reading; I will show you how to use each strategy in an easy and fun way. Also, understand that you don’t have to do all the strategies; you may choose to follow only the ones that fit best to your style and character.


Promotion Killer Strategy #1: Promote your e-book through affiliate partners.

Affiliate professionals and partners are the ones who promote your book to their followers, friends and emailing list, in exchange of some percentage of the sales earnings. In order to set an automated “affiliate machine” you can:

Read the instructions on each site in order to do what is needed correctly. Each affiliate partner gets a special link, created automatically. This link directs their followers to your sales page and if a purchase is made, the affiliate partner receives their earnings percentage in their PayPal account. It is a very easy process and you will understand how easy it is when you visit the suggested sites above.

Now, where do you find those affiliate partners? Here are some quick suggestions:

  • They are bloggers and they already write for your book’s niche
  • They are already affiliate professionals and you can find them on the affiliate sites mentioned above.
  • Affiliate professionals usually do reviews, so, if you find a book or a program that is ideal for your niche, you may google “review for the ______ program” and the people who will be “reviewing” this program, most probably are also affiliating it.
  • You may suggest cooperation to your already pleased clients, friends and social-media followers. All you have to do is let them know what an affiliate partnership is, and how they can benefit from it.
  • Youtubers are also people who regularly connect with your ideal niche. They do not create youtube videos just for fun. They do it professionally, so, they are more than happy to promote a book that will bring them money.
  • In social media groups explain that you are looking for affiliate partners, but make sure that you may post such announcements and also that the groups are ideal for the people you are looking for.

Make sure when working with Affiliate Partners that you provide them with all kind of promotional material you can think of. Don’t let them create it on their own, because either they won’t bother, or they will create something that won’t be exactly as you would want it to be. Also, be strict against spamming: let your affiliate partners know that if you find out that they are spamming in order to promote your book you will delete them from your partners’ list and they won’t get any percentage of the earnings. This is very important if you don’t want to find yourself under troubles.


Promotion Killer Strategy #2: Give away your e-book for free for just 3 days through Amazon Kindle – and tell everyone you know to download it.

If you decide to promote your book through Amazon.com Kindle, you will love this Strategy. Amazon gives you the opportunity to promote a book for certain period of time for free. In this way, you will have all your friends, followers and relatives download your book (even if they have no interest on your subject). What will you gain with this? You will raise your rankings dramatically, you will be placed in Amazon’s first page, and you might even be acknowledged as an “Amazon best seller” on your specific category (You need about 25 downloads within one day in a specific category in order to achieve this). Also, to all friends, followers and relatives who download your book, ask them a favor: to rate highly your book. This gives you even more visibility. In this way, every time a prospect reader types keywords or words that are attached to your title, your book comes first in the suggestions page. What could be better for your book promotion than that?


Promotion Killer Strategy #3: Promote the book through Social media groups: Facebook, LinkedIn etc. and promise a free gift (of great value to the readers) for limited time.

Think of a free gift you can give away that your readers would love:

  • You may offer a 20 minutes Connection Session for free. In this way your reader will have the opportunity to address to you questions about your teachings and at the same time, you will be able to showcase them your additional programs and services (which you promote for good pay).
  • You may give a free live webinar – only for the people who purchase the book
  • You may add a couple of extra e-books as a bonus (not written by you, but bought as “PLR”s check http://www.theplrstore.com and other sites you can find if you google the term PLR)
  • You may create a digital workbook with exercises that could accompany your e-book – and under other circumstances you could also sell it.
  • You may give away an audio, such as an interview of yours, a personal message for your readers, a guided meditation, etc.

So, once you have your free gift in place, write a nice announcement about it. Explain that for a limited time (be specific) all people who buy the e-book will also receive this amazing free gift. Your announcement or invitation needs to be posted to as many FB and LinkedIn groups you can find. You can also upload it on your personal wall, on your business page, send it through email to all your friends, relatives, past and present clients, and also to your emailing list – if you have one. You can even create a YouTube video about this offer.

The hall idea behind this strategy is that people love free gifts. They are willing to give good money if they believe they will receive a lot more value than the price they paid for. In addition to this, if you just hung around through social media and email telling “buy my book” you do nothing but a boring sales promotion, and rarely anyone takes action on this – if they don’t even get annoyed. You don’t want to annoy them, you want to excite them. This is why you first speak out about your free give away, mentioning the magic word “but” (you will have to purchase the book first).


Promotion Killer Strategy #4: Speak publicly about your book subjects (give educational seminars) online, offline and through the traditional media. You may also offer a free gift for the people who purchase your book.

  • You know what the traditional media are: Radio, T.V. and press…

 I know, to approach them is not something easy, unless you have already done so and you feel familiar with the process. I won’t stay on this, as I don’t want to frustrate you, I want to make your life easy.

  • Offline, you may go and approach clubs; societies, professional organizations etc., and offer for their people a free educative seminar of about 2 hours.

Your speech will not be like a book presentation, it will provide real educational value to your audience. In the beginning you will let them know that in the end there will be time for questions and that you will tell them about something really special (which will be a 5 minutes presentation of your book). During your speech, explain them that there is no need to keep notes, tell them you have this amazing book about which you will tell them a little more in the end of your speech. In the end, explain what your book is about and where they can find it, purchase it and download it. Finally, provide them with a questionnaire, and ask them what they liked most from your seminar, what questions they have and if they want to receive a free gift from you (quick notes from the seminar). If they want your free gift they will provide you with their email. And after you send them the notes, you will remind them that they can purchase your book online – providing all the essential information.

  • Last but not least, comes the online-seminar strategy.

Actually, many self-help professionals who earn a 6 figure income claim that their business has totally been built through the internet. So, the entire strategy is the same with the offline seminar approach, only you do it online. Here are some ways:

  • Teleseminars: Your audience reaches you through online services and through their own telephone. The most popular site is http://www.instantteleseminar.com, but I would advise you to google the term so that you can find more companies who provide this service and probably their prices might be more convenient to you.
  • Webinars: they are more difficult, as you need to have also slides to present, but they are a lot more effective than just teleseminars. You can create online live webinars with Googlehangouts – totally free https://hangouts.google.com, or use a payed service which is very popular among the self-development professionals: http://www.gotomeeting.com/webinar
  • Tele-summits: there are many wonderful tele-summits that are held annually, monthly, or even weekly. Google the keyword tele-summit and something that interests your niche and find out who are the organizers. Contact them, and tell them that you want to promote your book through their tele-summit.


Promotion Killer Strategy #5:  Write and promote online a lot of articles.

This is a long term strategy, but probably one of the most effective ones. But you need to make sure you write your article in a proper way to attract your clients’ interest. Here is how it is done: In the first paragraph, you try to put as many keywords as you can. Your title also should be packed with keywords and really attractive. Give some tips inspired by the book. The articles can be just 2 paragraphs from your already written book. In the last paragraph, ask your readers if they would like to know more about the discussed subject and let them know that they can purchase the entire book for a very good price. Add your sales page link and your article is finished.

Now, to promote your articles do the following:

  • Upload it on your website-blog
  • Inform about the article through your Facebook page (you can even promote it on Facebook with PPC Advert)
  • Let your twitter followers know about it – announce your article in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Maybe you can announce the article in a couple of days again. (use buffer.com to do this automatically for you)
  • Announce your article on Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • Let your LinkedIn followers to know about your article. You may also upload it on LinkedIn as a separate article.
  • Add it on Article Directories (google the term and research which ones are more convenient for you)
  • Research blogs of your niche and find out which ones allow “guest blogging”

For this strategy to work properly, you need to write a lot of articles and you should also do all the above in order to promote them. You may go into a 30 days article challenge, so that for 30 days in a row you will be writing and promoting one article. It is probable that you won’t have enough time to do all the above, but I do recommend, wake up 1 hour earlier and work only on this strategy. Not only will it give wonderful results, but it will establish you as an Authority on your niche as well, and it will be bringing you clients and followers again and again, for as many years your articles will remain online.


So, to sum up, in order to promote your e-book you can follow any of the above promotion strategies. If you have plenty of time, you may follow all of them. If not, don’t be overwhelmed. Stick to just 2-3 of them. I would mostly recommend sticking on: working with affiliates, presenting webinars and writing articles. Obviously, although this article is quite long, I have not provided you with all the details that concern the 5 killer strategies. Stick with me, follow my posts and I will provide you with more articles which will be dedicated to each strategy separately.