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infographic Why writting and publishing your book online is your No 1 marketing priority

Writing and promoting your own book, if you are a self-development professional, such as a Psychologist, a Therapist, a Healer or a Coach, is your no. 1 Marketing task on which you should focus! By having published your own Non-fiction Self-Help book online you will instantly achieve the following:


So, let’s analyze them, one by one:

  1. You will position yourself as an authority even if you are just at your startup of your practice:


To go out and just expose yourself with a book, directly proves that you have confidence in your field and that most likely you know what you are talking about. In that way, you present yourself as an Authority. The word itself says it: “Author” from “Authority”. So, whether you have been working as a self-development expert for ages or you are just starting, a book of yours will position you in your prospect clients’ eyes – and heart- as a true respectful authority.

If you are just starting out and you feel uncomfortable to speak about ideas and insights before you really try them with your clients, here is what you can do: research. Most famous authors on your field have started as researchers, and this type of work is as respected and appreciated as the actual “from experience” written self-help book.

  1. You Raise yourself above the majority

How many people dare to expose themselves by sharing their ideas and findings with a book? Actually, not many. How many of your “antagonists” in your field have PHDs and Certificates and Seminars-Participations? I suppose, almost all of them. So, no matter how much educated you are, or for how many years you have been practicing your expertise, publishing your own Non-Fiction Self-Help book is what you really need to raise yourself above the majority.

  1. You establish Intimacy and trust without even meeting your prospect clients in person

It is known that the more comfortable a client feels with the Therapist (healer – coach, etc.) the better the session goes and the deeper and faster the healing (motivation – Therapy) progresses. That’s true, right? But in order to reach this intimate level that is needed in order to move on with your “magic”, you might need a lot more than 3 sessions. Your clients need to totally truly trust you in order to open themselves to you. So, think now what happens when your clients have already read your book:

  • They have understood your ideas and they feel comfortable and safe with them.
  • They have already started a dialogue with you – within their mind – while reading your ideas. So they already feel as if they have been discussing with you for ages before they really meet you: They have been “hearing your voice” in the bus, on their bed before they go to sleep, while waiting the kids to come out of the school, while relaxing on their couch. So, they are comfortable hearing and talking with you.
  • And as long as they have read the entire book, they already like you personally.
  1. You may raise your prices a lot above the average:


Professionals and experts, who expose themselves publicly, automatically turn themselves into celebrities. You may be a celebrity, even in a small scale, it doesn’t matter whether you have just published your book or you have been walking on the red carpet for the last 10 years. Only the act of exposing yourself and your ideas with a book of yours is enough. People trust and respect celebrities, and they know beforehand – before they ever meet you – that as long as you are a celebrity you deserve quite a lot more money than the “average-every day – neighbor style” professional in the same field of yours. So, with this in mind you may raise your prices from little to a lot, and nobody will complain about it.

  1. You convince your readers that they need your services even if they had not thought of moving into 1:1 Coaching (or therapy, or healing, or mentoring, or consulting) before.

Here it is how this strategy works: A person has a problem and they need a solution. They make a research in the internet and they find about your book. To buy a cheap e-book is no brainer, so they grab it at once and they start reading it. While reading the book they understand that your ideas and solutions are good and they work… But you can’t solve all their problems through just a book! And you will explain that in your book’s pages. You will explain that if your readers need a permanent solution to their problem they should contact you and get a personalized treatment. Many of the clients who will come to you through your book might have never thought of investing in 1:1 Therapy – Coaching etc, but they will be convinced from your writings.

  1. You build your emailing list fast and with dedicated followers: You collect contacts of prospect clients who really adore you and are willing to buy from you again.

Every serious professional has and nourishes with quality information a big emailing list of prospect clients, because many people might like you and your services, but they are not ready to do business with you yet. What do you do with them, do you just forget about them? No, you keep contact and wait patiently until they are ready. How do you do that? You ask them in the book to keep contact with you. You provide them with quality information and you let them know that they can have an extra “special report”, a “guided self-hypnosis” or anything you may provide them with for free as long as they give you their email. So simple. Collect your readers’ emails – keep contact with quality information – and you are guaranteed of having a steady stream of good paying clients for years.

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  1. You attract as clients only the ones who are a good match and in alignment with you

That’s a big one. Most self-development professionals get tired and exhausted, not from too many hours of work, but from having to work with clients who are not in alignment with them. With a book of yours, you position yourself not only because of your knowledge, but as a specific person as well. Through your book you show who you are, what you believe, what your attitudes are, your sense of humor, your values, your entire character. So, the ones who wouldn’t like you that much, would never call you and work with you. But the ones that by reading your book will adore you, they will find you and they will be your best and most enjoyable clients you could ever have.

  1. You will grab the attention of the “Press” in general – and they will promote you in a global scale… for Free!

Once you have online your book, you will attract the interest of other professionals who work with the same niche of yours. You will attract professionals who have a lot to benefit by promoting you even more:

Radio Shows,  TV shows,  Magazines,  Blogs,  Podcasts… etc.

All of them need quality information to provide to their followers, viewers and the audience in order to keep on existing! They are happy to work with you, even if you don’t reach them yourself, they might find out about you and ask you to participate in an event, a review or an interview.

But those are not the only ones who would love to promote you for free (sometimes they ask money to promote you, but don’t buy on that. What really happens is that They need YOU. Not the other way around).

  1. You will be able to work with Affiliate partners: These online professionals will gladly promote your book – and your practice – as long as they receive a percentage of the sales.


Finally, the other type of professionals who will reach out for you (but it would be wise of you to try to contact them first) are the so called: Affiliate Partners. Affiliates are online professionals who have a quite large following through their blogs, their Facebook groups as well as through emailing lists. They have regular contact with a very large audience that trusts and respects them. They always look for good books, Home study programs or e-courses to promote to their following, as long as they get a good share from each sale. For more information about “How to promote your book through Affiliates” Click here.

So, to sum up, if you want to promote your practice-business as a Therapist, Psychologist, Healer or Life Coach, the number one marketing tool on which you should focus is to write your own book and publish it online. By having your own book up there on the web you will manage:

  • To Position yourself as an authority in your field, even if you are just at your startup of your practice
  • To Raise yourself above the majority
  • To establish Intimacy and trust between your prospect clients before they ever meet you in person
  • To proudly ask for higher fees for your Practice, Sessions or service – and your prospect clients will consider this quite reasonable
  • To convince your readers that they need your 1:1 help even if they had not thought of moving into professional therapy, healing or coaching before.
  • To fill your emailing list fast with dedicated followers
  • To attract only the people who are a good match and in alignment with you, your style and your personality.
  • To have extra exposure by the press, the radio, Blog posts etc.
  • To arrange Affiliate or JV partnerships for the promotion of your work.



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